TST Expansion Joint


TST expansion joint for movements up to 40 mm has good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature stability.

TST expansion joint (also referred to as TST bridge joint) for movements up to 40 mm is a simple bridge expansion joint filled with asphalt. TST (crushed stone) elastic material is a special type of elastic-plastic material with high viscosity. Being heated sufficiently to melt, it can be poured into gravel and will be shaped into asphalt concrete form after molding to bear vehicle load.

TST expansion joint can simultaneously give attention to some opposing performance requirements. For example, it can perform well in both high and low temperature (-25°C - 60°C), both permeability and viscosity. As a result, TST expansion joint can be used for wide temperature region to prevent vehicle-jumping at bridgehead.
High elasticity: TST bridge joints can adapt the load deformation and vehicle load well.
Good performance: TST bridge joints have good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature stability.
Easy to construct: TST bridge joints can be installed easily and conveniently without blocking traffic.
Open to traffic quickly: Bridge can be opened to traffic in two hours after TST bridge joints are installed. If cooling is accelerated, the bridge can be open to traffic in an hour.
Shock-absorbing: TST bridge joints can absorb vibration of vehicle impact and make cars go smoothly.
Long service life: Being strict accordance with the requirements of the production and installation of expansion joints, TST bridge joints generally have a longer service life.
Low cost & high cost-effective.
TST bridge joints are for movements up to 40 mm are suitable for small and medium-span bridges. Because of good performance under both high and low temperature, TST bridge joints can be used in different zones to ensure traffic safety.

The external packing is carton packing, and 25 kg per carton.

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