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High quality round shape bread machine line Main machine pictures of round shape bread machine line: 1. automatic dough mixer: This machine's material is 304 stainless steel, it is fully automatic control water and flour feed amount, thers is PLC control system to set mix time and discharge time. 2.automatic dough press and delivery machine After doughing into dough press through delivery machine to press. 3. automatic dough conveyor After pressing into dough covery machine, this machine matched with 6 rollers to ensure dough press well and good taste. 4.PLC control square shape bread cutting and moulding machine. This system is controled by PLC to cut and mould bread by rollers. 5.round bread forming machine this machine has 8 sites to mould round breads to make bread more round and look beautiful. 6. round bread plate arranging machine this machine is can automatically set catching numbers each time of bread based on clients need. largely decrease labor cost. Main Technical Parameters of round shape bread machine line: Item Model Voltage Power Overall dimensions Dough mixer JS-HWH-VI 380V 6.25KW 1537×750×1360 Shaping conveyor JS-WZS-400 380V 2.84KW 4200×920×1600 Full-automatic continuous press flour machine JS-QZD-IV 380V 5.5KW 1710×1382×1550 Full-automatic conveyor JS-ZDS-V 380V 3.4KW 4365×1082×1400 Square cut steamed bun forming machine JS-WJFM90-III 220V 2.0KW 2890×750×1180 Round shape bread machi JS-BPG-700480 220V ≤0.75KW 1020×980×1535 Round bread plate arranging machine 220V ≤0.8KW 1630x1302x1286 Weight of steamed bun 50-250g Max production capacity of whole line 700kg/h Overall dimensions of whole line 13941×3077×1755 advantage of round shape bread machine line: 1.this production line can have Diversified functions Through combination of different models, it can also used to make staple food, such as wheat flour steamed bun, potato steamed bun,steamed stuffed bun and stewed noodles,etc. 2.High-automation.The whole production line is integrated with advanced touch screen,PLC,frequency conversion and photoelectric sensing control technology,realizing the whole process automation from dough mixing, conveying, continuous compression,automatic splicing,forming to steamed bun placement. The automation continuous production is possible after commissioning of procedure. 3.By application of sensing technology, the intelligent match of conveying speed and forming speed of dough straps can be realized, to avoid the accumulation and tear of dough straps. 4.By use of continuous Z-shaped folding and compression, the dough becomes more flexible, uniform and smooth. 5.In comparison of the similar products, the continuous automatic splicing function is realized without manual intervention, and the varying size of steamed bun due to non-uniform splicing can be avoided in the meantime. Factory pictures: if you have any questions of round shape bread machine line , please contact Julk freely!

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