Caterpillar Parts 1u3302 Bucket Points


1. Description

Part No.: 1U3302
Description: CAT J300 Tooth Long
Brand: Caterpillar
Logo: Beneparts
Color: Carterpillar Yellow or others

Applied Machine: Loader, Excavator
Applied Machine Models: CAT 950,953B 966,E180,215,219,235,205 214,315,320,322

Production Method: Casting
Material: Alloy steel
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

Matched Pin: 9J2308
Matched Retainer: 8E6259

2. Popular items

Part Number Description Weight (Kgs) Suit for Machine
135-9356 Side pin Adapter
972G II,966G II,966G,972M,972G,966H,966M,966F II
135-9355 Side pin Adapter
972G II,966G II,972G,966G,972M,966H,966M,966F II
135-9354 Side pin Adapter 12.76 966G,972G II,966G II,972G,972M,966M,966H,966F II
6Y0469 Unitooth 23.5 966D,980F
3G8356 Weld on Adapter 8.7 E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8355 Weld on Adapter 8.7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1350 Weld on Adapter 9.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
8J4310 Weld on Adapter 9 E320,E322
8J3350 Bucket Tooth 8.2 E320,E322,966D,980F
135-9357 Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352WTL Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352TL Bucket Tooth 5.3 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352RCL Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352R Bucket Tooth 7.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
1359357 Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
9W2359 Bucket Tooth 5.3 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353R Bucket Tooth 9
1681359 Bucket Tooth 7.1
LC350RC Bucket Tooth 6.9
1U3352RH Bucket Tooth 11
1U3352RL Bucket Tooth

1U3352RP Bucket Tooth 10.4 E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8354 Weld on Adapter 9.7 E320,E322
1U3352C Bucket Tooth 6.7
1441358 Bucket Tooth 10.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352K Bucket Tooth 7.2
1U3352SYL Bucket Tooth 6.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352P Bucket Tooth 5.4
1U3352WT Bucket Tooth 6.7
1U1889 Bold on Bucket teeth 29.5 966D,980F
1U1888 Bold on Bucket teeth 38 966D,980F
1U1359 Teeth Adapter 23.4
1U1358 Teeth Adapter 23.4
1U1357 Bold on Adaptor 18.5 966D,980F
9J4359 Bucket Tooth 4.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353 Bucket Tooth 10.2 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4352 Bucket Tooth 8.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3351 Bucket Tooth 4.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352T Bucket Tooth 6.3
4T2353 Bucket Tooth 10.3
3G5359 Corner adapter 23.9 966D,980F
3G5358 Corner adapter 23.8 966D,980F
3G3357 Bold on adaper 16.7 966D,980F
8E5359 Corner adapter 17 966D,980F
8E5358 Corner adapter 17 966D,980F
096-4748 Side cutter 12 E320,E322
096-4747 Side cutter 12 E320,E322
1U3352PT Bucket Tooth 12.5 TALLA 35
1U3352RC Bucket Tooth 6.9 TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6356 Weld on Adapter 9.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6355 Weld on Adapter 9.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6354 Weld on Adapter 9.7 E320,E322
1U3352 Bucket tooth 6.2 TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1354 Teeth Adapter 14.9 966D,980F

3. about us

Ningbo Beneparts Machinery is a young company armed with hard-won experience from years of success in the G.E.T. industry and new-kid-on-the-block enthusiasm. We have a solid reputation as being a company that can deliver what you need to the specifications that you demand. We are proud of our ability to deliver your requirements when and where you need them, and most importantly, produced at the highest quality levels. Coupled with competitive prices we believe that Ningbo Beneparts Machinery has a winning formula to be a "supplier of choice."

Our extensive services include, but are not limited to, the following:
●On hand inventory of over 6000 Ground Engaging Tools - 500 that were developed just last year
●The capability to develop any part according to your drawings or samples
●3D designs to ensure accurate fitment or new tooling within 15 - 20 days
●prompt delivery, usually within 30 days
●A one-year, full replacement warranty in the rare event of manufacturing defects or breakage
●Our guarantee that we will only use the best materials and chemical components
●Electric and/or gas furnaces equipped with precise electronic temperature controls for state of the art heat treatment
●Sand and lost wax processes with the capacity to produce parts ranging in size from 0.5 KG to 2000 KG
●The ability to validate tensile strength, yield strength, hardness values, and microstructures
●Stellar after sales service
●A world-wide network of clients and suppliers that ensures an excellent working relationship
●The dedication to produce and supply superior quality parts coupled with our energy and passion to be the best.
We are only a "click" away on the internet or by email. We will do our utmost to make even the most complicated projects happen for you. We will double or triple check all specifications and quality standards, pack, and deliver your finished parts to wherever you need them to be. GIVE US A TRY
Ningbo Beneparts Machinery.
At your service.

4. Contact info.

Tel.: +86 574 88167027


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