PET plastic injection machine


origin: Zhejiang, China
packaging: standard export packing
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China 170 ton small PET plastic injection machine with High-Quality, Leading 170 ton small PET plastic injection machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 170 ton small PET plastic injection machine Factory & Exporters.

140 ton PET inject mold machine 1. Bole Product Description We are professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer for all kinds of production requirements, Clamping force from 100 to 750T , injection weight from 350 to 6781g . with best price& performance ration of any machine on the market. Some of the important features: Clamping system: Faster response, stable and high rigidity Injection system: Accurate and flexible, lower rejection rate Control system: Computer and simple operation,molding data memory system Power system: Energy saving, high efficient and precise metal parts: The thickness of our frame, metal plate and wallboard are thicker than other company. 2. Product Instructions BL170EKII-PET Screaw diameter mm 60 Screw L/D ratio 24 Swept vloume cm3 707 Shot weight(PET) g 778 Shot weight(PET) oz 27.5 Injection pressure Mpa 118 Injection rate cm3/s 297 Plasticzation capacity(PET) g/s 44.4 Maximum screw stroke mm 250 Maximum screw speed rpm 165 Clamping unit Clamping force kN 1700 Opening stroke mm 480 Space between tie-bar(HxV) mm 510×460 Minimum mold height(T-slot) mm 200(165) Maximum mold height(T-slot) mm 530(495) Maximum daylight(T-slot) mm 1010(975) Ejector stroke mm 150 Ejector force kN 62 Number of ejector pin pc 5 Power unit System pressure Mpa 16 Pump motor kW 25 Heating capacity kW 21.6 Number of heating zones 4+1 others Oil tank capacity L 280 Machine dimensions(L×W×H)(Apr.) M 5.4×1.42×2.0 Machine weight(Apr.) Ton 5.4 3. Clients Cases small plastic injection machine 4. about Bole Machinery Bole Machinery is more and more popular among domestic and foreign powerful companies due to the advantages, there is strategy cooperation partner relationship with Gree Group. Bole Machinery has become the preferred brand in Chinese house- hold electrical appliances industry, and automotive industry as well. It is successfully accepted in the markets of USA, South Korea and European countries with the high sale growth under the situation of recession strike in the global markets. The world`s leading processing equipment

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