ZHEJIANG JIANYE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. was founded in 1958. We are now the largest aliphatic amine manufacturer in China, and the largest plasticizer and acetates manufacturer in Zhejiang Province.

We have more than 800 employees, 45% of whom are technicians and engineers. Our revenue of 2006 was beyond RMB1000 million. We are partnered with some academic research institutes and particularly Hangzhou Organic Amine Engineering & Technological Research Institute in joint R&D activities.

We are a licensed importer and exorter. Our products have been well accepted by customers in China and exported to the EU, US and southeastern countries.

We are ISO9001(2000) and ISO14001(1996) certified. As a trustworthy enterprise, we have been rated AAA for five straight years by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and given Trustworthy Client VIPship by the Bank of China.


Mono-n-butylamine      99.5%min Di-n-butylamine            0.1%max Tri-n-butylamine           0.1%max     N-butanol                     0.1%max Water                           0.1%max Color(APHA)                 15max, 1 Aminobutane n Butylamine Monobutylamine


Diisopropylamine: 99.5%min Other Organice: 0.3%max Water: 0.2%max Color (APHA): 15max, (N-(1-Methylethyl)-2)propanamine; 2-isopropylamine


Monoisopropylamine: 99.7%min Ammonia: 0.05% max Diisopropylamine : 0.1% max Isopropanol : 0.1% max Water: 0.1% max Colour (APHA): 15 max, 2-Aminopropane; iso-Propyl-d7-amine; PropyldamineatomD ; monoisopropylamine; MIPA


Triethylamine, 99.5% min Monoethylamine, 0.1% max Diethylamine, 0.1% max Ethanol, 0.1% max Water 0.1% max Color,(APHA) 15 max, TETN; Triethylamine, Free Base (1.08217); TRI ETHYLAMINE HCL; Triethyl Amine


Diethylamine, 99.5% min Monoethylamine, 0.05% max triethylamine, 0.1% max Ethanol, 0.1% max Water 0.2% max, DEA,DIETHYLAMINE,AMINE

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