ered by LG LED module edge lit

LG side light 2.2W led module,special lens design 10*40 degree with uniform illumination,12-24V range input voltage,best for 8-30cm depth doulble side lightbox,5 years warranty. Features: The ZX01QB3LED module is sourced by LG LED, good col

lic press machine/ PLC control

Lab tablet hydraulic press machine / PLC controlLab tablet hydraulic press machine can beused for material performing, color matching, blending and sample preparation. This PLC control lab tablet hydraulic press is equipped with PLC program

rnal mixer / Equipment control

Lab internal mixer / Equipment control Equipment control lab internal mixer ismainly used for the mixing the mixed rubber, plastics and industrial chemicals, and also used forthe mixing of all kinds of low viscosity materials. This lab inte

ss machine / Equipment control

Lab tablet hydraulic press machine / Equipment controlEquipment lab tablet hydraulicpress machine is equipped with LED indicator, press key set input, the valueindicate output. Lab hydraulic press machine can be used with detection of mater

s steel part with good quality

Machining/Machining shop can use CAD/CAM (computer aided design of computer aided manufacturing) automatic programming system for cnc machine tools. Parts geometry transform automatically from CAD system to the CAM system, mechanical worker

er Golf Cart With Good Quality

4+2 Seater Golf Cart With Good Quality6 seats battery or gas-powered golf carts with on road tyre can be run in, park areas, hotels, living communities, industrial parks and other places.Main specifications for battery power Motor: 4kw DC o

lastic injection molds quality

Overview:Widely used mold, product component forming in the modern manufacturing industry, almost all need to use mould to complete.So, the mould industry is an important part of national high and new technology industry, is an important an

m Sleeve RM1-4208 High Quality

New andHigh QualityMetal Fuser Film Sleeve RM1-4208Fit ForHP P1505 Printer-There are 2 colour RM1-4208. gray colour and gold colour. this is gold colour fuser film sleeve.let us know in advance if need gray colour. - Professional of HP Lase