ty High Voltage DC Micro Motor

We are here to introduce our good quality high voltage motor which model 7712 Product name: China supplier 240V HVDC motor used for power tools 7712 Applications: Household appliances: juice extractor, food chopper, massager, Electric tools

Stepper Gear Motor Robot Motor

GC-GM15BY stepper motor,12*10mm gearbox with 15BY stepper motor.2 Phase 4 Wire Stepper Gear Motor Robot Motor Input basic parameters of stepper motor2 Phase18 ° Step Angle 30 Ω/Phase4 gf.cm,Stepping Motor Noise: 60dB max Driving voltae: 5

pm High Torque Brushless Motor

GC-25GB-2419BLlow rpm high torque brushless motor, 25mm diameter gearbox, gearbox length depends on the parameter you need. Plus 2419micro BLDC motor. Small size, with low speed, low current, low power but high torque. For this kind oflowrp

ancake Coin Vibration DC Motor

Pancake Coin Vibration DC Motor, you could find the right haptic solution with our below various vibrators:7-10mm diameter coin type brushed vibration motors.3-4mm height reflow solderable SMD type vibration motors4-7mm diameter cylinder ty

hless Motor Electric 24v motor

GC4260BLDC micro motor ,42*60mm, 4260 BRUSHLESS Permanent Magnet DC Motor,Can match the gearbox ,Long life,the lifetime is 10 times than brush motor.DC motor speed can be changed.Motor type:micro brushless motor,Small volume, light weight,L

ing For Speaker and Fan Motor

Ferrite magnets are difficult to get corrosion that they do not need any surface plating.Ferrre also have good coercivity that will not lose magnetism at high temperatures range from 180℃ up to 300℃.Ferrite magnets, are hard fragile mater

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