2 core two-color flower line

Whetherimported:No, brand:SHUAIHE,model:RVS,Wire core insulation material:PVCcore conductor material:pure oxygen-free coppercore number:2Single wire nominal diameter:0.17sheath material:PVC (polyvinyl chloride)wire max.OD:2.5/5 (mm),Sheath

Corn Germ Oil Production Line

Corn Germ Oil Production LineCorn germ oil is extracted from corn germ, rich in nutritional value, loved by everyone.Dingzhou Yongsheng Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd can contract for theEdible Oil Plant Turnkey Projectand Corn Germ Oil Pl

Mill Complete Production Line

Instead of manual feeding during each cycle of milling, this complete Wheat Flour Production Line is pneumatic lifting for the reason of high pressure air blower application and small tank with two bns as a shiftsurge one. It can save a lot

on Clamp For transmission line

Trunnion Type Suspension Clamp For transmission line The suspension clamp normally divided into fixed suspension clamp (type U-bolt) and preformed suspension clamp.The fixed suspension clamp can be used to conductors and lightning line.it c

round shape bread machine line

High quality round shape bread machine lineMain machine pictures of round shape bread machine line: 1. automatic dough mixer: This machine's material is 304 stainless steel, it is fullyautomatic control water and flour feed amount, thers is

Complete Can Filling Line

Itcan meet the requirements of three-piece can, two-piece can (aluminium can,tinplate, PET), which is applied to water, carbonated soft drink and etc..Theentire line includes the following optional equipment: depalletizer, canrinser, filler