New field of aluminum coil

With the change of consumption concept, the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of food and drug safety management, and the acceleration of industrialization process, aluminum lunch boxes, aluminum foil paper, aluminum plate t

3003 aluminum coil

3003 alloy is an aluminum alloy with manganese as the main alloying element. It has good corrosion resistance to atmospheric, fresh water, sea water, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt aqueous solution, etc., and corrosion

1060 aluminum plate

The 1060 aluminum plateis an Al-Mn alloy plate, also known as a rust-proof aluminum plate. The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum plate is about 98%, and the manganese content can reach 1%, which has high corrosion resistance. Because the 10

Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate (CCO Plate)

HARTPlate supplies a wide range of chromium carbide overlay plate (CCOplate)Overlay thicknesses is vary from 3mm to 20mm depending on the thickness ofthe base metal.Plate can also be cut to size, shaped and rolled according to customerrequi

Moderate coverag cast steel grit for aircraft and aero-space applications

铸钢砂砾铸钢砂砾 图片铸钢砂砾通过粉碎特别热处理的钢制成的铸钢角砂粒在使用中的行为取决于硬度,这是通过适当的热处理容易改变的特性。Gp钢砂主要用于轮式抛丸机,用于清洁或在特殊表面上进行准备工作。 此外,GL和GH钢砂同样适用于抛丸机和大多数情况下的

Double Wire Security Fence

Twin Wire Welded Fence - RigidityAttractivenessDouble wire security fencehas been increasingly used as perimeter fencing for schools, residential, hospitals and public areas. Dual 5/16" horizontal wires sandwiching a single 1/4" vertical wi

Concrete Mobile Batching Plant 3m3

Jining Henglian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is one ofthe leading China concrete mobile batching plant 3m3manufacturers and suppliers equipped with the best Chinaconcrete mobile batching plant 3m3 factory, we are always at your service.Qu