rden Square Mesh Anti Bird Net

The garden plastic anti bird net ismade of polyproplene (PP) to used in the family garden to protective the bird and other small animal. Our plastic mesh is super small mesh size net with light green color smooth surface which will not catc

cture Logo Metal Fridge Magnet

Custom Picture Logo Metal Fridge Magnet Fun and useful, these decorative Fridge Magnets will add a touch of retro style to home or business. Stick them on the fridge, filing cabinet, school or gym locker, or other metal surface. With hundre

ure Cucomber Plant Support Net

High Quality Offering Agriculture Cucomber Plant Support NetSpecificationsPlant Support Net is designed to support all climbing plants, vegetables and long-stemmed ornamental flowers encouraging ealthy growth from seedling to maturity. Plan

c Name Badge Name Plate Magnet

Magnetic Name Badge Name Plate Magnet Magnetic name badge is formed by iron plate,neodymium magnet,glue. The magnetic badge are used to hold name plate to the clothe.To wear a workcard with ribbon around the neck is a good idea,but ribbon m

Jumbo Roll PVC Tape

jumbo roll pvc tape is made from polyvinyl chloride (pvc) as the backing materials which could resist high voltage and high temperature. Good insulation, non-flame or flame retardant type to meet your different needs.Features for jumbo roll

Vinyl Electrical Tape

Vinyl electrical tape is made by smearing rubber like pressure-sensitive adhesive on PVC film (its backing material )and mangling them ,it has the feathers of insulation ,fire-resistance, high-voltage- resistance and cold resistance.Vinyl e

Black PVC Electrical Tape

Black pvc electrical tape is based on a 0.12mm soft PVC film, coated with an aggressive rubber-resin adhesive with flame retardancy and good aging characteristics. Excellent conformability and high elongation at break. Black pvc electrical

Reinforced PVC Vacuum Suction Hose

APPLICATIONS:1) the products is used for conveying water, oil, gas under normal working condition.2) Suitable for conveying powder, grain, water and oil, etc3) construction project, industrial and mining enterpriseCHARACTERISTICS:It is flex