The unique advantage of hydraulic torque wrench

What makes a hydraulic torque wrench workis that it generates torque using only hydraulic means, it is self ratcheting, and it must have an accurate way to measure the amount of torque applied to the fastener. A holding pawl design is popul

When You Need Manual Torque Wrenches


Let the hydraulic wrench improve your efficiency


Tobee® AHR Rubber Slurry Pump

Size: 1" to 22"Capacity: 3.6-5400 m3/hHead: 5-66mHanding solids: 0-130mmConcentration: 0%-70%Materials: Natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon, NBR, Butyl, EPDM, Polyurethane etc.Tobee AHR rubber lined slurry pumps are similar

Tobee® AH Slurry

Size: 1" to 22"Capacity: 3.6-5400 m3/hHead: 6-125 mHanding solids: 0-130mmConcentration: 0%-70%Materials: Hyper chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic, Stainless steel etc.Tobee AH Series Slurry Pumps are the most comprehensive range o

ncrete Mixer And Concrete Pump

Small Concrete Mixer And Concrete Pump Product DescriptionThe mixing mechanism consists of a mixing cylinder, a supporting wheel and a transmission system.Mixing barrel is working parts of the mixer, mixing barrel for double cone, cylinder

Hagglunds CA Series Hydraulic Motor

Hagglunds Hydraulic Motor CA Series models:REMANCA100100CA0N0C0200REMANCA100100SA0N0C0200RADIALPISTONMOTCA100100RADIALPISTONMOTCA210210REMANCA210210CA0N0C0200REMANCA210210SAON0C0200REMANCA140140CA0N0C0200REMANCA140140SA0N0C0200REMANCA5050CA

Denison T6C Vane Pump

Denison Vane Pump T6C SeriesDenison Vane Pump T6CC Series models:T6CC-020-010-1R00-C100T6C-012 1R00 B1T6C-002-1R02T6C-005-1R02T6C-010T6C-006 2R00 B1T6C-008-1R00BIMOT6C-010-2R00-B1T6C-012-IR00B1T6C-014-2R00T6C0222R03B1T6C-025-1R00-B1T6C-0281

Denison P14/ P24/ P30/ P140/ P200/ P260 Piston Pump

AS Hydraulic Co., Ltd. supplies Denison GOLD CUP Piston Pumps and World Cup Piston Pumps.Denison Piston Pump GOLD CUP Series models:P24S-3L1E-2H4-A00-1B1-M2P14S-8L1C-2N4-B00-OBO-M2P30S-3L1E-2H4-A00-1B1-M2P24S-3L1E-2H4-A00-1B1-M2P24S-3L1E-2H

Denison PV Piston Pump

AS Hydraulic Co., Ltd. supplies Denison PV Piston Pumps.Denison Piston Pump PV Series models:PV152R1EC00PV152R1EC02PV152R5CC00PV20-2R1D-JK/02PV20-2R10-CO2PV202R1EF02PV20-2R1DC00 J343PV20-2R1D-COO-J343PV202R1DC00PV20-2R1D-C0O-J343PV202R1DF00

P Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump

100RVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump •ProductIntroduction100RVL-SP is extension type sump pump.It si vertical,centrifugal slurry pump submerged inwater to work. The pump belongs to extended SP series sump pump,which canbe applied to the

0/8S-GH High Head Gravel Pump

10/8S-GH High Head Gravel Pump•ProductIntroduction 10/8S-GH gravel pump is high head centrifugal slurry pump.It'scantileveredcentrifugal single casing pump connected with cassette,which makethe discharge direction could be positioned at an

350 X-TL(R) FGD Pump

350X-TL(R) Series FGD Pump•ProductIntroduction 350X-TL(R) is 350mm horizontal centrifugal pump.It is mainly used in desulfurization process.The pump iscantilevered and double casing structure pump. Thelining adopts replaceable hard al

Rubber Impeller Of Slurry Pump

Rubber Impeller Of Slurry Pump Product Profile Impeller is an important part of centrifugal pump, which has a significant impact on pump performance.Because the impeller is running at high speed, it will wear faster than other wet parts and

nch AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump

1 Inch AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump This pump is cantileveredhorizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. It'smainly used in mining, metallurgy, municipal, electric power, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials and other industries. performanc

d grade oil transfer gear pump

2CY Stainless steel food grade oil transfer gear pump2CY Stainless steel food grade oil transfer gear pump applies to delivering food oil or other liquid properties similar to food oil without solid particles and fibers at temperature below

Hot cooking oil transfer pump

YCB-GHot cooking oil transfer pumpYCB-G Hot cooking oil transfer pump is used to transfer high temperature cooking oilwhich not includes solid particles and the temperature not higher than 300℃. It also applies to the site with heat-insula

oil transfer centrifugal pump

CYZSelf priming diesel fuel oil transfer pump It is a good oil pump for transporting easy combustion and explosive media. It is a kind of load and unload oil pump in boat. In addition, it can also be used for transporting sea water, fresh w

e thermal oil circulation pump

RY High temperature thermal oil circulation pumpIt is a single stage end suction centrifugal pump. is a kind of ideal hot oil circulation pump or heating body pump, is an ideal heat equipment supporting pump. It is suitable for conveying no

icating oil transfer gear pump

YCB lubricating oil transfer gear pumpIt's one kind of arc gear oil pump. pump have three kind of material: cast iron, stainless steel and cast steel. cast iron pump is used to transfer lubricating oil and other have lubricating medium. sta

ttery electrolyte additives PS

1 3-Propane sultone CAS 1120-71-4Product Name:1,3-Propane sultoneCAS No.:1120-71-4Other Names:1,3-PSMF:C3H6O3SEINECS No.:214-317-9Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)Appearance:yellow liquid or whitecrystalPurity:99.9% Application:Mai

9m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

(1)Power system: The well-chosen chassis from world renowned brand features strong power output and stable performance. The original German STIEBEL transfer case features long service life, high power output, high efficiency, and stable and

Horizontal Quality Slurry Pump

Horizontal Quality Slurry PumpIntroduction:At SME, we supply notonly bare shaft slury pump ends, but also electric motors, diesel enginens, accessories assembled together as a complete pumpset. This saves the customer a lot time to find sup

istant Tunnelling Slurry Pumps

Wear Resistant Tunnelling Slurry Pumps Introduction:SMEproducespumps for hydraulic transport of highly abrasive aggressiveslurries and large-grained solids. The latest engineering developments haveresulted in the high capacities and the gua

ter Cooling Mini DC Water Pump

Ultra Quiet Water Cooling PWM Mini DC Water Pump Mini DC Water Pumpcan be considered more sophisticated equipment, especially in the impeller and bearing parts. So in order to ensure that the finished DC Water Pump meets the design requirem

age Deep Well Submersible Pump

6SP 17T Multistage Deep-well Submersible Pump hassmallexternaldiameter, high head, large flow, and is saving and highly efficient. They are especially applicable for pumping underground water in factories, schools and countryside, and the m

age Deep Well Submersible Pump

10T Multistage Deep-well Submersible Pump is applicable to circulation andpressurizing of the clean water and softened water; Deep Well Using Pump is made from stainless steel 304 and has good corrosive resistance for conveying cold water c

Raw Material Self-Priming Pump

1WZB Series Nice Raw Material Self-Priming Pump is constituted with clean water pump, Non-returnvalve and air-water separation room which located on the upside of the pumpbody. During operating, no need to use foot valve, what you should do

ble Cutter Suction Slurry Pump

River Sand Submersible Cutter Suction Slurry PumpFeatures: ZQ(R) series of slurry pumps are hydraulic devices composed of coaxial motors and pumps that are submerged in the fluid to work. These pumps are characterized by unique structure wi

e centrifugal pump water pump

High pressure multistage centrifugal dewatering suction pump water pump Features:The Multistage Centrifugal Water Pump series is installed horizontally, the inlet is horizontal and the outlet is upward, they can be changed as required. The

en Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum

Product Description This unique system of all-in-one blowervacuum allows tool-free changing between the vacuumthe blower in seconds. 3000W Electric leaf blower vacuum is ideal for keeping lawns, patios and driveways tidy. With a 3000W power

CQ Stainless steel or plastic magnetic pump

CQ Series magnet pump is the new centrifugal pump used with magnetic coupling. The material of magnet pump has the stainless steel and reinforced polypropylene and engineering plastic etc. The pump has the advantages of reasonable design an

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