Shenzhen new Network Information Technology Company

Enterprise, scientific and technological achievements, dreams!Shenzhen Qiwang Information Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, formerly known as "Ezhou City Xiaofeng Software Co. Ltd.", created by a group of teachers and students of Ezhou University. After more than ten years of development, from a university campus combination, move forward global business stage. Net enterprises adhere to the "symbiotic" business philosophy, have become a respected business vision, positive innovation, permanent pioneer.Since its establishment 10 years ago, the company has always been striving for excellence and management oriented, and has always been in a steady and high-speed state. Enterprise network initially formed a business oriented customer business layout, construction of the British Smythe (Industry Cloud + electricity supplier), enterprise network (business cloud + Business Park), like wal interactive (niche industry chain) of the 3 business layout, the formation of the British Smythe mobile division, Xiaofeng lottery division, Internet division Rhino cloud division, the cloud division, customer service division, Department of public utilities of the 7 products department.

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