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Durability and easy  maintenance are the most critical  factors for material selection in the interior and exterior wall decoration sector.Many years of experience and practices,prove that only vitreous enamel materials meet these requirements. With an aim to provide the high quality products and accessories,featured with easy maintenance and easy installation for the building and decoration industry, Ruierfa vitreous enamel products always meet the strict requirements of the building requirements in this field of industry.


There is a team  of  experienced  professionals behind the Ruierfa  enamel products who are  striving to meet the customer's designs and requirements, ensure the products pass the strict tests, and make the customers feel satisfactory.


Ruierfa products can have a diversity of colors.The colors can be tailored to our customers' needs for different locations and functions. To obtain and ensure the high quality, we are continuously innovating and striving to seek the best results. Ruierfa products are recognized in the industry, in terms of durability, easy maintenance and reliability.

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Tangshan Ruierfa Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

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