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The wedding power station globe valve

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high pressure vlave,high temperature valve.

The wedding globe valve

J61Y - P54W/100 v high temperature and high pressure power station valve product use Class of high temperature and high pressure power shut-off valve is suitable for the ANSI Class1500 ~ 3500 lb, working temperature - 29 ~ 570 in the petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant under various working conditions such as piping, cut off or connect medium. Applicable medium: water, steam, etc. Operation mode: manual, gear drive, electric, etc. Product structure characteristics 1. The product design and manufacturing by ANSIB16.34, standard E101, can be used with imported equipment equipped with. 2. The valve lumen self-tightening seal structure is adopted, and the inner cavity pressure, the higher the sealing performance, the better. 4 branch pipe at both ends of the disc and seat sealing surface using department too vertical (stellite) cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing and become, seal face 6. The cover depth of the stuffing box is reasonable, packing and corrosion inhibitor, reliable sealing, smooth switch. 7. The valve on the sealing structure, which can guarantee the valve opens the runtime without the valve stem leakage. 8. Electric cut-off valve opening and closing control by electric actuator, electric actuator, respectively, with special motor, reducer, torque control, site operation mechanism, hand, electric switching mechanism. In addition to on-site operation, remote operation can be performed.

Structure features:

1, adopting the flange clip pin type, internal thread and key links, the flange bolt joint structure, etc.

2, the valve body, valve cover mechanical processing was done on the automatic line, with light weight, high processing precision, etc.

3, the seat and clapper sealing surfaces are coloured cobalt-based hard alloy plasma spray welding and become, wear-resisting, good abrasion resistance.

4, the valve stem corrosion on the surface nitriding processing.

5, can be installed in any position on pipeline. DN80 medium or less to from the bottom to upper (positive flow "low into the above")

The flow direction of medium or greater DN100 from dirty or reflux high in low.

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power plant globe valve...

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power station valve, high temperature valve.

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