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anned Sardine in Vegetable Oil

origin: China
packaging: Carton


China Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil with High-Quality, Leading Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Canned Sardine Fish in Vegetable Oil Factory & Exporters.

In order to carry out our company`s tenet of [Detail decides quality, Sincerity makes prosperity", we make full use of Taizhou's rich marine resources and ocean marine resources, marine development and ready to eat canned food, provide fast and convenient canned aquatic products at home and abroad for the different tastes of the public, our strict production, according to a variety of American FDA and China food safety requirements, to do the "two guarantees", "quality and safety" the standard, convenient, instant, maintain authentic seafood. The technological process of canned sardine in vegetable oil are almost the same as canned sardine in sunflower oil. The quality of refined vegetable oil in our factory is fully in line with the relevant provisions of GB2716. The refined vegetable oil is heated to 180-220℃ and cooled to 80-90℃, then filtered. After the fish is dehydrated, pour the sauce and drain the soup, then repeat the pound, then add the refined vegetable oil. Finally, a series of procedures such as sealing and sterilizing are carried out. Our bodies need to have enough minerals, sardines because of its rich calcium content is suitable for people of different ages. If our daily intake of calcium is inadequate, persistent calcium deficiency can cause bone fragility, which eventually leads to osteoporosis. For those who want to eat sardines and hate the smell of fish who can cook sardines to absorb calcium oxide. about US Taizhou XingWang Aquatic Product Co., LTD was established in April 2000 which approved by industry and commerce. It`s a comprehensive enterprise of offshore fishing of aquatic products, frozen aquatic products processing.research and development and agricultural products cold-chain logistics. We own 7 distant fishing vessels, 14 sea-frozen processing vessels, the annual processing of various types of aquatic products amounted to 100,000 tons. The company main engaged in sea frozen mackerel, sea frozen tuna, sea frozen bonito, also focus on the canned fish, fish loin and octopus etc. [Detail decides quality, Sincerity makes prosperity". Our company has always attached great importance to product quality and food safety. We now have passed HACCP.BIC.OU.HALAL and other food safety management system certification, and we also have got some export registration of USA, EU, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam etc. The volume of foreign exchange earned by export is about 30 million USD, the amount of total export volume are more than 30000 tons. As a result of our excellent product quality, they are very popular all over the world. We will always strive to create more delicious, natural and safer marine health food.

Delicious Can of Sardine, Canned Sardine in Good Taste, Easy Open Canned Sardine,

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