5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 380v vector frequency inverter, large torque ac drive, high-performance VFD, inverter power inverter



BD600 series is latest version for high performance vector inverter based on BD300. Multiple control modes. New vector control algorithm can achieve stability at slow speed, stronger load capacity at low frequency. Support SVC, VC and V/F control, and achieved using multiple PG cards. Stronger functions of motor control has clearly rasied.

Product Features
Outstanding performance.
1. Larger torque output when low frequence.
2. Fast dynamic response.
3. Super strong overload capacity

Accurate motor parameter self learning
BD 600 series inverter can accurately provide dynamic or static self- learning of motor parameter, simple debugging, easy operating, high control accuracy and response speed.

Rapid current limit
Rapid current limiting function can limit current rapidly within the current protection value, to ensure the safety of the equipment, and avoid over-current alarm caused by sudden loading or interference.

Over-excitation gain and oscillation suppression gain

Excellent current and voltage control technology can realize rapid RUN/STOP, restrain over voltage and overcurrent.

Overvoltage stall protection & Overcurrent stall protection

Support both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor
1. Asynchronous motor
2. Synchronous motor (by using extension card)

Support multiple control mode
Speed sensorless vector control (SVC), sensor vector control (VC), V/F control.

Flexible and practical analog input / output
Each analog input (AI1~AI3) can set 4 point curves.

High-speed pulse input and output fuctions
High speed pulse specification: voltage range 9V-26V, frequency range 0~100KHZ. BD600 can setting 2 pint curves, high control precision. HD/HDO high pulse input/output terminal can be used for DI/DO.

Swing frequency control function

Frequency source binding & compose
Run command source are free to bind any frequency source. 10 kinds of main-auxiliary frequency source, flexible to adjust and compose.
For example : A+B, A-B, AB switch ect

None-stop when instantaneous power off

Simple PLC

Multiple motor switch

2 group of motor parameters, and control 1 motors by on inverter.

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