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AC Drive, variable frequency inverter, 5kva solar pump inverter




BD603 series solar pump inverter is high performance vector control inverter special for solar pump.
This inverter is supply by PV panel and no need battery .It can realize excellent PID control function,
MPPT function (maximum power point tracking), light weak auto sleep, light intensity automatically
wake up, high water level automatic stop, low water level automatic run, under load protection, etc.
Easy operation, perfect self-learning , and it can also use in power grid.

Two control mode: CVT mode & MPPT mode

Maximum power point tracking

Light weak auto sleep, light strong auto wake up

Underload pre-warning

Fault protection of water level sensor. Built-in full protection and diagnostic mechanism.

Pre-warning when low water level, high water level automatic stop

Support both DC and AC input. If no sun, keep raining days, can use grid AC input work the pumps by setting parameter.

Support Rs485 real time remote control system

Fast installation, no need extra maintenance

Controls any three phases asynchronous pumps and motors

Compatible with most of existing solar panels

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AC drive, frequency inverter, vector inverter, servo drive, solar pump inverter

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