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Flat Die Organic Fertilizer Extrusion Granulator


Flat Die Organic Fertilizer Extrusion Granulator Features:
1. Pinch roller design is used and two sides of the roller have the same linear speed with both the inner and outer race of the die. To some extend, it helps avoid unnecessary frication between the die and roller, reduces energy consumption as well as production expenses, and prolongs service life of the mold.
2. Due to the reasonable structure of the pinch roller, the machine runs smoothly and the pressing area relatively increases. Effectively, the productivity is improved.
3. With spirally central pressing structure, the internal distances between dies is changeable. It is suitable to different raw materials. At the same time, it ensures the quality of the organic fertilizer granules.
4. Equipped with various dies with a diameter ranging from 1.5mm to 20mm. Customers can choose whichever they like to produce organic fertilizer according to their raw materials.
5. The shape of the organic fertilizer granule is cylindrical.
6. The purity of the organic fertilizer production can be as high as 100%, which makes pure organic substances granulating come turn.
7. Taking advantage of the feature that organic particles can be inlaid with each others under certain conditions, so no binders are needed when granulating.

8. Organics don’t need to dry after fermentation process.

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