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ing Door fruits farm Cold Room


origin: China
packaging: container LCL
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China Swing Door fruits farm Cold Room with High-Quality, Leading Swing Door fruits farm Cold Room Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Swing Door fruits farm Cold Room Factory & Exporters.

Modular Cold Storage Room for Keeping Food Fresh , which we have some types of cold room , freezer , cooler room . 0 °C ~ + 22°C it will be used for Communication Station, Mushroom Plant, Medicines Storage, Processing cold Room, Packing Room -5 °C ~ + 5 °c is used for Pre-Cooling, Keep Fresh frozen storage, -10 °C ~ -20 °c is applied for Freezer Storage -25 °C ~ -30 °C is Low Temperature Storage and could be Quick-Freeze . -35 °C ~ -40 °C is Blast Freezer,and quick frozen . One set cold room system could be application for the below : Keep fruits, vegetables,flower, potato and mushroom fresh cold room. Used for constant temperature storage room for meat (meat, fish, chicken, beef, pork and mutton etc). For drink products presevation freezer and cooler room ( beer, milk etc). Applicable to supermarket,big farm and grand hotel ,catering freezing room One set cold room system mainly including the following main parts: 1. Cold room body including insulation panels and doors; 2. Air cooler; 3. Refrigeration unit; 4. Accessories; Cold room insulation panels are manufactured by color steel plate, stainless steel 304, galvanized sheet, polyurethane foams. What do we need to know to get a suitable cold room? For a suitable proposal of cold room, the following basic information will be needed for us to evaluate: 1) What is your cold room used for? Such as what kind products will be frozen or storage in the cold room. 2) What is the temperature we need inside the cold room? 3) What is the cold room dimensions or how many products we need to load in the cold room?

Contanierized Ice Block Maker, Refrigerated Container Cold Room, 40ft Containerized Cold Room for Seafood,

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