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Rubber Y Type Ring



China Rubber Y Type Ring with High-Quality, Leading Rubber Y Type Ring Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Rubber Y Type Ring Factory & Exporters.

What is a Y-shaped ring? Y-ring is divided into several categories? Y-shaped ring of the Y-shaped cross section, which is a typical lip seals. Their section and high aspect ratio, wide, narrow, Yx type can be divided into several categories; Two lip height are equal, can be divided into the shaft holes universal type Y-shaped contour lip contour lip seals and shaft seals and holes of the Y-shaped with a Y-shaped ring. Y-ring so special? Y-ring characteristics can be summarized as follows: 1) reliable sealing performance 2) small friction, smooth motion. 3) the pressure is good, use a wide range of pressure. 4) The structure is simple and inexpensive. 5) ease of installation. Scope of the use of the Y-shaped ring? Y-ring seals are widely used in reciprocating seals, its service life is higher than the O-ring. working pressure: ≤40MPa; working temperature : -30 to 80 ℃; Operating speed range: used for the production of nitrile rubber is 0. 01 ~ 0. 6m / s; http://www.jdsealing.com

Rubber Seal Y-Ring, High Quality Rubber Y Sealing Ring, Rubber Material Y Type Sealing Ring,

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