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Payment touchscreen kiosk coin acceptor(top insert)


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top insert 1 coin acceptance,handle different countrys coins,pulse output signal,12v input,

top insert 1 coin acceptance,handle different countrys coins,pulse output signal,12v input, .Coin diameter: 18mm -29mm .Coin thickness: 1.2mm -3mm .Work voltage: DC12V (more or less 20percent) .Drop Inserting Type. .Pulse signal: fast-25ms.medium-45ms and slow-65ms .Size per unit: W 14 x D6.5 x H13(mm) .Net weight: 600grams/each .Packing: 30 pcs/case .Per case: 16.6 kgs .Size per case: W435 x D350 x H270(mm)
1.Remove the yellow plastic sample token from the clamp & replace the coin to the clamp.
2.Choose N.O line/ N.C line as a signal line in coordination with the machine specification.
3.Adjust the diameter-rail of lid for preventing bigger invalid coins from inserting.
4.Drive screw off lid-wing if coin thickness is more than2.0mm.
5.Switch to "SW1":
Fast: 20ms/short pulse signal (Apply to Mario Machine)
Medium: 40ms/medium pulse signal (Apply to different machine)
Slow: 60ms/long pulse signal (Apply to entertainment machine)
Notice: If coin-eating .please adjust the switch.
6.VR turning for sensitivity of coin acceptance: turn clockwise (+)for strict coin selecting : anti-clockwise(-)for slack.
7.If coins couldn`t pass smoothly when SW2 at the precise setting.please switch it to normal setting or adjust VR turning to suitable place.
8.If alarm warns.please clear up the coin channel and then power up.

Vending machine, Payment touchscreen kiosk toy Water dispenser, Scale weigh machine,

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