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Tiandiao hot melt adhesive adhesive filter cartridge filter adhesive


origin: shanghai
color: white/yellow
shape: Micelle gel block glue stick
Price: USD 3.00/kg
MOQ: 500 kg


It can achieve good adhesion effect, environmental taste , high strength adhesion, cold resistance, aging resistance, etc. Excellent performance and stable quality can provide the perfect adhesion scheme to various manufacturers. Belongs to green environmental protection paper filter core special adhesive. Softening point of 80 degrees or so, oil resistance, water resistance, resistance to high and low temperature alternating, weak acid, excellent aseismic performance and good stick relay, fundamentally solve the industry's long plagued a/filter degumming problem such as adhesive, plastic shrinkage, crack, is currently the most ideal paper filter adhesive. Room temperature curing, the process is simple, easy to use, can be manipulated manually, can also mechanical operation. Welcome to the tiandiao website consultation.

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Tiandiao hot melt adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive shoe adhesive shoe surface adhesive clothing accessories...

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