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375ml Glass Wine Bottle


375ml Glass Wine Bottle

375ml Glass Wine Bottle

material: super flint glass

Capacity: 375ml or customized

Weight: 450g

Sealing Type: screw cap

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

MOQ: 10000pcs, If in stock, any quantity is acceptable

OEM/ODM: Welcome

1, Nice line, good feel.

2, The custom wine glass bottle is made of High flint glass with high transparency and refractive index.

3, Glass wall thickness 3-5mm, Vertical axis deviation 1.1mm.

4, Thermal shock resistance >35°C, Shock resistance 0.9J, Internal stress 1.4-1.5 grade.

We can produce glass bottles of any shape with capacity from 50ml to 3000ml. Please let us know if you have any need.

We can meet all your requirements including printing logo, decal labels, embossing, engravicng, electroplating, frosting, painting and you can customize printing retail cartons and cork style, We provide you with one-stop service to save your time cost.

375ml Glass Wine Bottle,

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