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Ultra-Thin Seak-on Tractor Automated Guided Veichle


Size: 1100*310*130mm(could customized)
Capcity: 200kg
Color: Orange
Price: USD 9500.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


Product advantage:
(1) improve logistics efficiency, improve production efficiency;
(2) reduce handling labor and reduce labor costs;
(3) to enhance the degree of automation, enhance corporate image

Technical Parameters
Shape Size 1100*310*130mm(could customized)
Driving Type Double-drive
Guidance Type Magnetic Tape Guidance
Walking direction Bidirectional Walking
Transport Capacity ≤200Kg(could customized)
Climbing Capacity ≤3°
Traveling Speed 0-45m/min
Turning Radius ≥180°
Storage Battery DC24V80AH
Carry Type Latent traction

Suzhou Huatian Vision Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (Belowing status are called as company) is a professional Research & production of AGV high-tech enterprises, design and development for AGV trolley and AGVS central control system, manufacturing, sales and service in one, headquarter is located in Kunshan China Energy-saving recycling economy Industrial Park.
With a solid technical foundation and excellent capabilities of researching and production; was Qualified as Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province, private Science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu province, has obtained more than 30 technical patents, including a number of national patents and software copyrights, the company has also obtained ISO9001 Quality Management system certification.
Company specializing in the development of unmanned handling solutions for customers, to provide AGV trolley and supporting AGVS central control system, docking MES/ERP/WMS and other production management systems and warehousing management system, to help customers achieve production and warehousing automatic handling construction and transformation.
Has for automobiles, electronics, injection molding, stamping, home appliances, e-commerce and other manufacturing industries, warehousing and logistics industry, a large number of customers to provide professional services, access to high praise, and become a number of companies of AGV designated suppliers. Huatian Shihang is adhering to the "team, user experience, efficiency, cost" principle, cast high-quality products, pilot AGV industry, to create a national brand.
We recruit agents honestly, Welcome to contact us for more details. Thank you very much!

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Suzhou Huatian Shihang Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

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