Micronized Wax powder

Micronized Wax has ultrafine particle size, high melting point, outstanding grindability and smoothness, good recoatability, breathability. Micronized Wax has good mixing compatibility and dispersion. It used in solvent coatings, powder coatings and ink with excellent smoothness, wear-resisting and anti-scratching.


Micronized Wax has good compatibility with ink and coating system. It is widely used in wood coatings, plastic coatings, powder coatings, coil coatings, UV light curing coatings, etc.


- Acts as a degassing agent in powder coatings

- Excellent anti-blocking and slip properties

- Good scratch resistance properties

- Increased matting

- High water repellent effect

- Improved sand-ability of wood coatings

- No influence on the transparency of polymers

- Excellent dispersion and lubricating properties in plastics applications

We can produce micronized waxes with melting point at 52-325℃, and hardness at 0.5-15dmm.

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