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6M 30w solar wind hybrid street light



6M 30w solar wind hybrid street light

The weakness for solar is cloudy or rainy weather, which would decrease electricity generation by sun. The loss in power would affect battery storage, the worst results is power supply will cut off due to shortage of charging. Wind turbine will be a best compensation for area full of wind sources, it would provide sufficient charge plus power from solar panel for solar street lights. But the disadvantage is electricity generation of wind turbine is subjected to wind speed, for those area with less wind sources, wind and solar solution is not recommended.

Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting, Private Road Lighting, Farm & Ranch Lighting, Wildlife Area Lighting, Perimeter Security Lighting, Park Lighting, Gate Lighting, Yard Lighting, Fence Lighting, Campus Lighting, Boat Dock Lighting, Remote Area Lighting, Military base Lighting, Jogging and Bike Path Lighting

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