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Portable 3000 gpd direct flow sea water reverse osmosi system


Type:: Reverse Osmosis
Use:: Drinking
Model Number:: YK-1002
Price: USD 1000.00/1
MOQ: 1 1


Reverse osmosi system Structure
♦ RO water treatment technology is the most advanced and energy-saving membrane separation tchnology.
♦ Water pressure (higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution) is used to force water molecules go through a very fine membrane, leaving the contaminants behind.
♦ Ro system can remove salt and most of the organisms and microorganisms which exist in the water (removal can reach 97%-98%).

Portable 3000 gpd direct flow sea water reverse osmosi system
Sea water reverse osmosis system Features:

1)Our company's RO reverse osmosis equipment adopts key components, equipment adopts imported brand
2)advanced technology, reliable quality, strong expandability, reasonable structure and small area
3)high water utilization rate, low energy consumption, fully automated operation, simple operation and maintenance .
3)According to user requirements design and manufacture of reverse osmosis system, 4)The general production limit of 0.25m3/hr, the upper limit is not limited, the water recovery rate can reach more than 75%, salt rejection rate> 98%. 5)The amount of water produced varies with the temperature of the incoming water and the aging or contamination of the reverse osmosis membrane.

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