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jection molding machine 110ton


origin: China
packaging: Standard export packing
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Servo motor injection molding machine 110ton Servo energy-saving injection molding machines: there is no extra energy consumption due to output volume changes aacording to load. In the phase of holding pressure ,servo motor lowers rotate and consumes a little of energy . Servo motor injection molding machine 110T;Servo motor injection machine 110ton;Servo motor machine 110ton Clamping system: -We adopt five fulctum hyperbolic elbow clamping mechnical which can tansfer power effectively and ensure the prcess of high speed response -Low pressure mold protection system -Tie bar adopts surface hard chromium plating processing -Mould platen bottom support use copper material which can protect steel belt -Automatic centerial lubricarion system which is easy for after service Injection system: -Optimization design of the injection unit to provide higher accuracy,ensure the higher stability -Injection parts adopt double guide tie bars which improve inject technology -Injection,holding pressure closed-loop control and precision back pressure control -Cylinder temperature time monitoring to ensure high quality molding requirements. Electric system: -The advanced injection plastic machine computer work stable and accurate -Intelligent method of defects in the course of injection process parameters -It can save more than one hundred program -It is equipped with mechanical arm eletrical interface which can be used to match the special mechanical arms for the injection robot. Hydraulic system: -Dual proportion load induction oil circuit is used to get steady operation,energy consumption variable with load and energy saving -The oil box volume is large and the cooling system is arranged properly, it can reduc the oil efficiently -High function oil pump,liquid motor, seal element can snsure low noise and zero penetration. -All adopt international well-know hydraulic components Technical parameters: BN-110S INJECTION PART PARTE INYECCIÓN UNIT A B C Screw diameter Diámetro del tornillo mm 34 36 40 Screw L/D ratio Tasa L/D del tornillo L/D 23.1 21.8 19.6 Shot volume Volumen de Inyección cm3 167 188 232 Injection weight(PS) Peso de la inyección g 153 171 211 oz 5.39 6.04 7.46 Injection rate Tasa de inyección cm3/ s 84.3 94.5 116.7 Injection pressure Presión de inyección Mpa 206 183 149 Screw speed Velocidad del tornillo rpm 210 CLAMPING PART PARTE DE CIERRE Clamping force Fuerza de cierre kN 1100 Opening stroke Apertura mm 345 Space between tie bars Espacio entre barras mm 370×370 Mould thickness Espesor de molde mm 150~380 Ejector stroke Carrera del expulsor mm 100 Ejector force Fuerza del expulsor kN 33 OTHERS Otros Oil pump pressure Presión de la bomba de aceite Mpa 16 Oil pump motor power Potencia del motor de la bomba de aceite kW 10 Heater power Potencia del calefactor kW 7.5 Machine dimension Dimensión de la máquina m 4.3×1.2×1.75 Oil tank capacity Capacidad del tanque de aceite L 170 Machine Weight Peso de la máquina t 3.1 Processing photos: Welcome for your inquiry.

Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine 110T, Servo Motor Injection Machine 110ton, Servo Motor Machine 110ton,

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