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Pmk glycidate powder CAS 13605-48-6


product name: Pmk glycidate
CASNo: 13605-48-6
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Product Name: 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate
Synonyms: 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate;PMK methyl glycidate;Methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate;3,4-MDP-2P glycidate PMK;3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate,PMK,CAS NO.:13605-48-6;PMK powder cas13605-48-6 high purity 99% large of inventory BMK Mercury hydrargyrum copper;PMK POWDER pmk white powder 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate PMK;PMK / 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate
CAS: 13605-48-6
MF: C12H12O5
MW: 236.22068
EINECS: 500-001-8
Product Categories: pharmaceutical intermediate, PMK intermediate, 3,4-MDP-2-P intermediate;research chemical;medical intermediate
Mol File: 13605-48-6.mol

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We are the biggest P2NP manufacturer/factory in China. All of world of Foreign customers buy p2np from us. Sure there are another situation, we sell the p2np to China supplier, then the customers purchase p2np from other traders who get p2np from us first.
Besides, 16648-44-5 is also one of our main products.
what's more, Benzocaine casno: 94-09-7 Sildenafil casno: 139755-83-2 mk677 mk2866 and the same family Pharmaceutical intermediate/Organic intermediate/Pharmaceutical/Phenacetin CASNo:62-44-2 and so on.

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Skype ID:live:sales2_4226

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Skype ID:live:sales2_4226

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PMK CAS 13605-48-6
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methylamine hcl CAS 593-51-1
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Pmk glycidate powder, pmk powder, 13605-48-6,

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