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etardant shielded twisted pair


origin: China
packaging: Bagged
MOQ: 50


China Flame retardant shielded twisted pair with High-Quality, Leading Flame retardant shielded twisted pair Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Flame retardant shielded twisted pair Factory & Exporters.

Shielded twisted pair parameters 1; Shielded twisted pair connection flexible cable is used in shielded lines such as field lines, electrical instruments, telecommunications broadcasting, burglar alarm systems, building intercom systems, video surveillance systems, electronic equipment and automation devices. (Transmission of RS485 signals /) 2; Shielded twisted pair use conditions: use temperature (°C): -40~+60 2: Relative temperature: 98% at 40°C RVVSP4*0.5 flame retardant shielded twisted pair : Installation temperature is not low as: -15 ° C 4: Allow minimum bending radius: indoor not less than 5 times, outdoor 10 times 3; shielded twisted pair structure 1: tinned copper wire core 2: PVC insulated / twisted pair cable 3: film wrapped / tinned copper wire braided mesh shield 4 PVC 4; shielded twisted pair rated voltage : 300V/300V 300V/500V 5; shielded twisted pair implementation standard; standard: GB/T5023-2008 RVVSP is also called RVSP PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Shielded Twisted Pair Cable: It is used for shielding circuits in field lines, electrical instruments, telecommunication broadcasting, anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems, video monitoring systems, electronic equipment and automation devices. Brand / Model: SHUAIHE / RVVSP; 4 * 0.5MM Whether to provide processing customization: Yes The core material: bare copper wire Model: RVVSP: 4 * 0.5MM Sheath material: PVC Core number: 4 Sheath thickness: 1.3 (mm) Maximum outer diameter of wire: 7.2 (mm) product description] Product Name: RVSP line 4x0.5 square Product specifications: 6x16/0.20 1. This product is made of high quality oxygen-free copper as a conductor with good material quality and is not easy to be oxidized. A total of 4 cores, each of which is twisted from 16 pure copper wires of 0.20 diameter The core wires are twisted together after being twisted together The core wire is covered with a copper wire shielding woven mesh Outer PVC sheath 2, mainly used in various household appliances, mechanical equipment, power tools, instrumentation, building intercom, monitoring equipment Signal or power is transmitted from the standby device. 3, appearance color, core size and jacket material can be customized according to different needs; It can also be customized according to customer needs. It can integrate various equipment control lines and signal lines into one cable, plus jacket protection to make the wiring beautiful and extend the service life of the cable.

Copper Wire Shielded Woven Mesh, Shielded Twisted Pair Flexible Cable, Shield the Flexible Cable,

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