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Because of the non-toxic epoxy resin coating inside the valve body, the inner and outer surface of the gate valve are completely coated with rubber without rust water or corrosion, which can be used for drinking. 6 precision casting body The valve body is made by precision casting and precise geometric dimension, so that the valve body can be sealed without any finishing work in the north. 7 light weight The body is made of nodular cast iron, and its weight is reduced by about twenty percent to thirty percent compared with the traditional gate valve. It is convenient for maintenance and repair. technical design 1. Technical background: When the existing gate valve is intact under the valve body, bonnet and components, it is only a slight deformation or corrosion of the sealing surface, and the valve can not be used. Repairing these valves is not a professional factory, so it is a great waste. Therefore, the gate valve used by the unit is: the valve seat and the valve plate seal surface are not easy to deform, corrosion resistant, and the sealing materials can be changed easily. Valve plate in the opening and closing with the sealing surface do not have friction or minimize friction, which can avoid all kinds of shortcomings of the soft sealing gate valve. Two. The purpose of the invention: After solving the corrosion or deformation of the sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve plate, the valve plate can automatically compensate the tight cover and the automatic pressure balance between the valve and the valve plate to solve the problem of the damage to the sealing surface of the soft sealing material, because the seal sleeve of the valve can be replaced, and the use of the valve is greatly increased. Three. Practical scope: The diameter is 50- Phi 400mm, the pressure is 2.5-4.0MPa, the ambient temperature is less than 200 degrees. Four. Technical programme: The valve is a double parallel gate valve, and the inlet seal mode. The inlet valve plate is composed of a sealing sleeve and a unloading valve plate, and is mainly a sealing gate. The sealing sleeve is synchronized with the unloading valve plate, but it is not connected. The pipe pressure passes through the unloading valve plate and the leveling arm to the outlet valve seat, which will greatly improve the bonding force of the soft cover. There are corrosion resistant rubber seals on the outside of the valve plate. The soft sealing material keeps a certain distance from the valve seat during the opening and closing process, so that the soft sealing material can work in an environment without friction and pressure. The sealing sleeve isolates liquid from the pipe and the components inside the valve core from liquid corrosion and impurities blockage. The sealing material of the valve is very convenient to replace, so the service life is 5 times higher than that of the general gate valve.

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