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ry valve of cast iron industry


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Seven steps for the correct maintenance of the star type unloader The important part of the bag dust collector is the star type unloader. It is an important discharging device for the discharge of ash, air supply and other equipment for the bag dust collector. So the star unloader is directly related to the normal work of the bag filter, so we must maintain the star discharger. Our company specializes in the production of dust humidifiers The following are the seven steps for the maintenance of a starlike unloader: 1. when the discharger is opened, the work preman should first connect the compressed air to the gas storage tank, connect the control power and start the discharging device. If there are other equipment in the system, the downstream equipment should be started first. 2. when the discharger is shut down, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source. Especially when the fan is working, the compressed air must be provided to the lifting valve cylinder to ensure the opening of the lifting valve. 3. if the electromagnetic pulse valve has a fault, it should be timely eliminated, if there are impurities or water, it should be timely cleaned up, the diaphragm should also be replaced in time to replace the diaphragm. 4. the oil and water separator in the gas storage tank and the gas source triplet should be discharged once every class, and the oil and water separator should be cleaned once every 3~6 months. The oil mist device should check the oil deposit frequently and refuel in time. 5. the use of timing ash cleaning controller should regularly determine whether the cleaning cycle is accurate, otherwise it should be adjusted. The use of constant resistance control instrument should regularly check the work of the pressure switch, whether the pressure port is blocked, and to clean up. 6., we should regularly determine the technological parameters of the unloader, such as smoke, air, temperature and concentration. If we find any abnormalities, we should find out the causes and deal with them in time. After the 7. feeder stops, after the process system is stopped, the discharge and exhaust fan should continue to work for a period of time. The moisture and dust in the bag dust collector must be noted. It must be noted that when the star type discharger stops working, it is necessary to clean the discharging device repeatedly and remove the dust on the filter bag by hand. Drop the bag in order to prevent the impact of the tide. The unloader can be used in the collection material system as the discharging device of the silo. The unloader is the most advanced discharging device in China. It is often used as one of the important equipment of dust removal system in the dust collection system. It is especially suitable for dust. Small particle material is deeply affected by environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, cement, road building, drying equipment and so on. In addition, the technical personnel of the material with humidity can design the conveyer program of the discharger and the material of the main body of the discharger according to the working condition.

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