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Osram LED 9W led righd bar


origin: China.
packaging: Normal Carton
MOQ: 1000


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Osram led rigid bar,9W with 15*45 degree,20pcs in a series connection,3 Osram led is easy for installation,810LM and 24V,best for 10-30cm depth double side lightbox or 10-20cm single side lightbox. Parameter: Dimension: Packing: Instructions: When installing the product, please switch off the power Please use constant voltage power supply and leave 20% or more balance of its total power Make isolation and corrosion prevention on all wiring points and wire ends The maximum series connection quantity for ZF03BB1 is 15 pcs , please do not exceed this number The products can be installed by screws, rivets as well as silicon gel, while please do not use Acidic or alkaline adhesive The high power LEDs generates more heat, so please install the products on the surface of material with good heat dissipation such as metallic or aluminium panel For single side light box, in order to get better and even lighting effect, you can put the products more closer to unilluminated back and attach white reflective poly sheet or sheet with similar function on the inner back Declaration: Warranty: 5 years. In order to ensure the safety, the broken wires needs to be replaced by the manufacturer or the service agent, or by the staff with the similar qualification. The given data in the specification was based on the laboratory testing, there may be discrepancy found in the actual products. The given drawings in the specification are only for reference, there may be discrepancy found in the actual products. The products are subject to change without prior notification.

9W Osram LED Rigid Bar, 9W Led Rigid Bar, 7000K Osram Led Rigid Bar,

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s led module for signs outdoor...



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