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r Coated Spiral Ground Anchor


origin: Hebei China
packaging: stell pallet
MOQ: 500


China Powder Coated Spiral Ground Anchor with High-Quality, Leading Powder Coated Spiral Ground Anchor Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Powder Coated Spiral Ground Anchor Factory & Exporters.

Install helical ground anchors as close to the building as possible at all four corners. using a straight rod to screw anchor into the ground. A starter hole, up to 1/3 of the anchor length can be used to start powder coated spiral ground anchor into the ground. once the anchor eye is level with the ground, back fill the soil and pack area around the anchor eye. Anchor eye should be just above soil level. Cable can be secured to the building using the following methods: Attach one end of the cable to an anchor using the wire rope clips. Cable goes through the anchor eye and clamped together using the wire clip. Place the cable over the roof to the opposite anchor, loop cable through anchor eye. Cut cable to have enough to attach to the anchor. Pull cable tight, attach wire rope clips (2), tighten nuts. Repeat for other side. Attach cable to the side wall studs. Additional eyebolts and Wire Rope Clips and hardware may be required. NOTE: These instructions are for suggested attachment to small shed not located in high wind areas. For more detailed anchor requirements, see the wind zone charts for your area. You may need additional anchors, cable, wire clamps, or other forms of anchor attachments to the shed to meet local or state requirements. Ground Anchor Clamp / Concrete Wedge Anchor : Material : Q 235 Carbon steel . Treatment : powder coated or high dip galvanized . metal spiral ground anchor size : description of goods Spec Weight(kg/pc) Ps/Pallet Earth/Ground Anchor 4-30 X 1/2" rod 0.945kg 1000 Earth/Ground Anchor 4-30 X 3/4" rod 1.910kg 1000 Earth/Ground Anchor 4-30 X 5/8" rod 1.560kg 400 Earth/Ground Anchor 6-30 X 3/4" rod 2.395kg 400 Earth/Ground Anchor 6-36 X 3/4" rod 2.690kg 350 Earth/Ground Anchor 6-48 X 3/4" rod 3.365kg 250 Earth/Ground Anchor 8-36 X 3/4" rod 3.010kg 300 Earth/Ground Anchor 8-48 X 3/4" rod 3.670kg 250 Steel spiral earth anchor , ground anchor to install tree , tent , sheds . ground anchors are in use worldwide , securing famous structures , large dams and retaining walls , holding down underpasses and underground structures ,establish wind turbine towers and preventing landslides . Applications include bridges , cable cars and cable railways , as well as maintaining excavations against ground instability . The anchors provide an effective alternative to large gravity or establish structures.

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