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engine oil distillation plant


origin: Henan
packaging: seaworthy packing in containers
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China waste engine oil distillation plant with High-Quality, Leading waste engine oil distillation plant Manufacturers & Suppliers, find waste engine oil distillation plant Factory & Exporters.

waste engine oil distillation plant 1. Production introduction: waste engine oil distillation plant is the new technology which can refine the tire oil , plastic oil , waste engine oil, sludge, motor oil and so on into base oil(which can be made into diesel and gasoline after processed by our catalyst). The oil quality is better than the original normal pressure distillation technology, which show on purity ,transparence, lightness. This technology will do deodorization and destinke process to the raw material oil automatically by "dry type" vacuum pressure distillation method. With the vacuum distillation technology, the distillation temperature is considerably reduced, and the oil output will higher 5%-10% compared with original normal pressure distillation technology. It makes more profits to the enterprise virtually. 2. Materials can be used in the waste engine oil distillation plant : a. Waste oil .example: waste diesel, waste oil residue etc. b. tire/rubber oil c. plastic oil d. crude oil e. waste engine oil f. waste motor oil g. waste lube oil h. waste transformer oil i. underground oil 3. Models of the waste engine oil distillation plant: 4. The comparison between the index of diesel, mixed oil after distillation and international standard 0# diesel: Item Diesel (after distillation) Mixed oil international standard 0# diesel oxidation stability 2.0 1.5 2.5 sulfur content % 0.07 0.06 0.05 ash content % 0.035 0.03 0.02 copper corrosion /rank 1.1 1.1 1 Water content% mark mark mark mechanical impurity no no no density 0.87 0.85 0.82-0.86 Solidifying point /℃ -10 -10 0 flashing point (close)/℃ 45 40 55 Kinetic viscosity 2.92 2.9 2.7-3.0 Combustion value KJ/ kg 9500 9200 8500 cetane ratio 43 40 46

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