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High Strength Geocells Room


origin: CHINA
packaging: Palletized Or PE Sheet
MOQ: 5000


China High Strength Geocells Room with High-Quality, Leading High Strength Geocells Room Manufacturers & Suppliers, find High Strength Geocells Room Factory & Exporters.

High Strength Geocells Room Product Description Geocell is made of a new type of high-strength geosynthetics, which is popular with both domestic and abroad, which welding the strengthened HDPE sheets by the high-power ultrasonic and forming to be a structure of three-dimensional reticular formation. Easily folding and convenient for transportation. When be in construction, the geocell can be pull into a network and launched into a three-dimensional honeycomb grid. As it filled in soil, macadam, concrete or other granular materials, constituted to be a construction, which has strong sidewise restraint and high rate of stiffness. Product Application 1. To stable the roadbed of railway. 2. To stable the roadbed of highroad. 3. To bear the load of dike or retaining wall. 4. To the improvement of shallow riverway. 5. To support the pipeline and sewer. 6. For the prevention of landslide by useing geocell as a heavy-duty hybrid force retaining wall. 7. To be used as independent wall, wharf and breakwater, etc. 8. For the desert, beaches and the riverbed, the river bank`s regulation. Specification Material Properties Unit Test Method Cell Depth mm 75 100 150 200 Polymer Density g/cm3 0.935-0.965 ASTM D 1505 Enviromental Stress Crack Resistance Hours >400 ASTM D 5397 Enviromental Stress Crack Resistance Hours 6000 ASTM D 1693 Carbon Black Content % >1.5 ASTM D 1603 Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturing mm 1.27 -5%,+10% ASTM D 5199 Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturing mm 1.52-5%,+10% ASTM D 5199 Strip Puncture Resistance N 450 ASTM D 4833 Seam Peel Strength N 1065 1420 2130 2840 EN ISO13426-1B Seam Efficiency % 100 GRI-GS13 Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length) mm 320x287,475x508 etc Nominal Expanded Panel Size (width x length) m 2.56x8.35, 4.5x5.0, 6.5x4.5, 6.1x2.44

Textured Geocells Room, HDPE Geocell Perforated and Smooth, ASTM Textured and Smooth Geocell,

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