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heavy duty machine screw jack


origin: CHINA
packaging: plywood case
MOQ: 1


China 10KN Small heavy duty machine screw jack with High-Quality, Leading 10KN Small heavy duty machine screw jack Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 10KN Small heavy duty machine screw jack Factory & Exporters.

NOSEN 10KN Small heavy duty machine screw jack for loading and transmission equipments. NOSEN products have been widely used in the Middle East,Europe , Southeast Asia ,USA and so on.High quality and reasonable price is our way to show respect to our customers. Model Details of RNF020 * Model RNF020 * Screw Diam. 20 mm * Screw Pitch 4 mm * Static Load max 10 kN * Dynamic Load max 10 kN * Speed Ratio 1/4 1/16 * Lifting Speed max 1500 mm/min * Input Power 0.003-0.850 kw * Max Input 1500 rpm * Screw Type trapezoidal screw * Stroke Range max 750 mm * Top End top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end * Power Source electric, manual, both Materials *Lifting screw steel C45 (optional: stainless steel) *Worm Gear phosphor bronze (optional: zinc alloy) *Worm Shaft heated treated steel C45 (optional: stainless steel) *Bearing Taper Roll Bearing *Housing Casting Iron and Die-Casting Aluminum . *Oil Sealing Normal, (optional: high/low temperature oil sealing) Selection Guide: Example:RNF016-A-R-MDR-1/16-300-P 1).RNF016→Model→Max working load 1KN/set 2).A→Installation→Upright 3).R→Screw Top End→Plain end 4).MDR→Input form→Flanged type-Double input-Right flange 5).1/16→Gear ratio 6).300→Travelling storke 300mm 7).P→Protective tube→Steel cover Applications: *Energy & Communications Solar Panel Tracking Systems, Satellite Dish Tracking *Water Projects & Hydropower Station Sluice Gates, Water Gates, Penstocks, Tilting Barriers, Raise & Lower Power Station Dampers *Iron & Steel Heavy Plate Steel Mills on Roll Adjustment, Steel Pipe Mills for Roll Adjustment and Back Stops and Tensioners *Food Processing Dough Presses, Roll Adjustment, Tunnel Freezer, Curing Ovens, Tensioners, Conveyor Height Adjustment *Civil Engineering Building Ventilation, Bridge Lifting *Railways Maintenance Jacks and Railway Carriage Lift *Theatre synchronized lifting table for Stage Elevator Platforms Creation of Orchestra Pits, Screen Manipulation Packaging Detail:Standard exporting package Company Information Nosen company has 10 years experience in this line , Have accumulated our special experieneand methods to control the quality through the whole process. >Company profile Related Products Hope one of the products below appeals to you http://www.screwjack.cc

Small Machine Screw Jack, Heavy Duty Screw Jack, 10KN Screw Jack,

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