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anic fertilizers feed additive


origin: China
packaging: 25kg/woven bag,kraft paper bag,foil bag,etc.
MOQ: 1


China Sodium humic acid organic fertilizers feed additive with High-Quality, Leading Sodium humic acid organic fertilizers feed additive Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Sodium humic acid organic fertilizers feed additive Factory & Exporters.

Sodium humic acid organic fertilizers feed additive Sodium humic acid raw material is mainly from leonardite mine,the best leonardite mine in China is in Xinjiang,our humic acid is from here,so quality of sodium humic acid is very high,nice activity,widly used in different fields.Sodium humic acid is non-toxic, odourless, non corrosive, and very easy to water. Sodium humic acid is a multifunctional polymer compound with many active groups such as hydroxyl, quinone and carboxyl group. It has a large inner surface area and strong adsorption, exchange, complexation and chelating energy. Sodium humic acid has been applied and approved by the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of chemical industry, the Ministry of coal, the Ministry of petroleum, the Ministry of Railways and various provinces and cities about the scientific research and production departments. Especially as the ceramic additive, the sizing agent, the drilling mud adjustment agent, the industrial water stabilizer, the cement water reducing agent, the boiler cleaner, the ore flotation agent, the waste water treatment agent, the admixture of the coal paddle, the briquette adhesive and the expander of the cathode plate of the battery, sodium humic acid shows great vitality and has achieved remarkable economy. The prospect is very broad. Item Sodium humate Sodium humate flakes Super sodium humate Appearance Powder/Crystal Shiny flakes Powder Water Solubility 85%min 98%min 100% Humic Acid (dry basis) 60%min 70%min 70%min Moisture 23%max 15%max 15%max pH 9-11 9-11 9-11 Size rate 40-60mesh 0.5-1.5mm 60-80mesh Sodium humic acid For Plant: Increase physiological metabolism. Increase activity of invivo enzyme. Retain water and fight drought. Prevents corrosion of fruits. Sodium humic acid For Animal: Make animal capillus bright. Increase disease resistance. Good effect on anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer. When being applied into the additive of health care product, food and cosmetics product, the product can stop bleeding and pain, act as the treatment of stomach and intestines sickness, and can enhance microcirculation. Provide an obvious medical effect on blood circulation system and internal secretion function. Sodium humic acid For Industry: Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent. Boiler anti-scaling agent and water quality stabilizer. Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping. Ceramic pug additive. Ore dressing agent. PACKAGES: Plastic woven bag with inner PE bag----5/10/20/25kgs net. Kraft paper bag with inner PE bag---5/10/20/25kgs net. Aluminum foil bag---1/5/10kg net.

Sodium Humic Acid for Animal, Sodium Humic Acid for Industry, Humic Acid Sodium,

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70% humic acid from leonardite...

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