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In Stock GE IC697ALG320 module


Place of Origin: United States
Condition: New and Original
Warranty: 12month
MOQ: 1 piece


Place of Origin:United States Brand Name:GE Condition: New and Original Type:DCS module
Package:Factory Sealed Warranty:12month

Our main brand:AB ABB Emerson Siemens Bentley Invensys module.

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Packing & Delivery

1)100% full New! - Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months in globally!
3)Package: Original packing with cartons.
4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment

Best Quality Assurance:
1. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
2.1 year warrant GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).
Payment Methods :
We can accept T/T, MoneyGram

More attractive price of the product:

10001/R/1 Vertical Bus Driver
10005/1/1 Watchdog Module
10006/2/1 Diagnostic and battery module (DBM)
10018/E/1 FSC PlantScapeconnectionModule
10018/E/E FSC PlantScape connection Module
10020/1/2 CPU Module
10024/H/F Enhanced COMModule,CentralPart/RS232
10024/I/F Enhanced COM Module,RS485/RS232
10024/I/I 3400307Enhanced communicationmodule(ECM)
10100/2/1 Horizontal Bus Driver
10101/2/1 DI Module
10105/2/1 AI Module
10201/2/1 DO Module
10205/2/1 Fail-safe analog output module
10208/2/1 3400118 Relay output module
10300/1/1 Converter 24V to 5

PM803F 3BDH000530R1

FI810F 3BDH000030R1
FI820F 3BDH000031R1
FI830F 3BDH000032R1
FI840F 3BDH000033R1
EI801F 3BDH000015R1
EI811F 3BDH000020R1
EI802F 3BDH000016R1
EI812F 3BDH000021R1
EI803F 3BDH000017R1
EI813F 3BDH000022R1
CI801 3BSE022366R1
CI830 3BSE013252R1
TU847 3BSE022462R1
AI820 3BSE008544R1
AI825 3BSE036456R1
AI830A 3BSE040662R1
AI835 3BSE008520R1
AI843 3BSE028925R1
AI845 3BSE023675R1
AI890 3BSC690071R1
AI893 3BSC690141R1
AI895 3BSC690086R1
AI880A 3BSE039293R1
AO810V2 3BSE038415R1
AO820 3BSE008546R1
AO845 3BSE023676R1
AO890 3BSC690072R1
AO895 3BSC690087R1
DI811 3BSE008552R1
DI814 3BUR001454R1
DI820 3BSE008512R1
DI821 3BSE008550R1
DI825 3BSE036373R1
DI830 3BSE013210R1
DI831 3BSE013212R1
DI840 3BSE020836R1
DI885 3BSE013088R1
DI890 3BSC690073R1
DI880 3BSE028586R1
DO810 3BSE008510R1
DO814 3BUR001455R1
DO820 3BSE008514R1
DO840 3BSE020838R1
DO890 3BSE690074R1
PL810 3BDH000311R0101
PL890 3BDH003115R0101
SD823 3BSC610039R1
SS822 3BSC610042R1
SD833 3BSC610066R1
SD834 3BSC610067R1
SS832 3BSC610068R1
PM860K01 3BSE018100R1
PM861AK02 3BSE018160R1
PM864AK01 3BSE018161R1
PM866K01 3BSE050198R1
PM866K02 3BSE050199R1
SB821 3BSE018109R1
SB822 3BSE018172R1
CI853K01 3BSE018103R1
CI855K01 3BSE018106R1
CI856K01 3BSE026055R1
CI862K01 3BUA000037R1
CI865K01 3BSE040795R1
CI857K01 3BSE018144R1
CI858K01 3BSE018135R1
CI867K01 3BSE043660R1
ABB 6634838A1 6634837B1
ABB 6635291C1 6635291C1-25
ABB POT 31 70913-4-0369108
ABB POT 32 P70913-4-0369109

10302/2/1 Watchdog Repeater
10001/R/1 10005/1/1 10006/2/1 10020/1/1 10018/E/1 10024/H/F 10300/1/1 10100/2/1 10101/2/1 10105/2/1 FC-TPSU-2430 10303/1/1 10307/1/1 10313/1/1 FS-SICC-0001/L10


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In Stock GE IC697HSC700 module...

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AB ABB Siemens Emerson Bentley Invensys

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