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30liters sterile tank with air filter

sterile water tank

Price: USD 200.00/Set
MOQ: 1 Set


water tank for ultra pure water

1. Capacity of water reservoir is 30L, other size water reservoir is available for special needs
2. The water resevoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the
generation of velum
3. PE material ensure low extractives.
4. Overflow protection tube eliminates the risk of flooding
5. Cone shape bottom guarantees no stagnant water and facilitates easy clean
6. Optional UV lamp and vented filter maintain consistent purity of stored water
7. and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants.

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Color touch screen lab water purification system act like a smart phone...

Sichuan Zhuoyue Water Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan Zhuoyue Water Treatment Equipment Co.,ltd is an integrated water treatment manufacturer in Sichuan Province, China, specialized in the production of laboratory ultra-pure water machine, medical water machine, pure /ultra-pure water equipment,

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