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ming Machine for Children Toys


origin: china
packaging: wooden box
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China Vacuum Forming Machine for Children Toys with High-Quality, Leading Vacuum Forming Machine for Children Toys Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Vacuum Forming Machine for Children Toys Factory & Exporters.

Toys Vacuum Forming Machine can use our machine to make various toys according to the molds, it's cost and it will bring many funs if you do it by yourself. the vacuum forming machine is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or "film" when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that permits it to be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape. 1. Vacuum Material: Material MAX Thickness(mm)/(in) 1.Acrylic sheets(PMMA) 1.2-5mm/3/64-13/64" 2. ABS 1.0-6mm/3/64-15/64" 3. PVC 1.0-5mm/3/64-13/64" 4 . PET 0.5-5mm/1/64-13/64" 5. Poly styrene 0.5-5mm/1/64-13/64" 6. Kydex 1.2-5mm/3/64-13/64" 7. Poly propylene 1.2-5mm/3/64-13/64" 8. Other Plastic 1.2-5mm/3/64-13/64" 2. Working Principle: Carry materials by hand → clamp the materials → move the material into the oven, after the material to soft →take the material to forming area → the vacuum will auto start→ open the fan to cold→ separate the model and material →take the material out. 3. Basic Units: 1). Heater adopts infrared ray heating system. 2). Heater drives by cylinder to insure heater work fleetly and placidly. 3). The equipment with the safety and protection equipment. 4). Clamp unit, controlled by pneumatic solenoid valve. Clamping unit assembled synchronous unit for material pressing. This machine adopts iron clamp bracket, which can bear high temperature, avoid the clamp bracket metamorphosed and adjust width and length arbitrarily. 5). Complete vacuum system includes vacuum Tank, vacuum pump, vacuum storage gas pot, vacuum pipeline, adjustable air cleaner device and vacuum controlling unit. 6). Cooling system assemble air blower and spray gun. The spray gun could be adjusted according to different products making. 7). This machine controlled by electric control system and controls the operation of equipment. Operation panel installed at the left of front side and free to turn. 8). Automatic degassing before mold ejecting. 4. Excellence of Equipment: 1). Heater: (controlled separately) A. Heater separately Set different temperature according material forming demand to insure product quality. Adjusted the voltage of heater by AC voltage meter which can insures the heater temperature steady and save power. B. Change the heater units fleetly. And it is economical for maintain because it only need change part units. 2). Controlling the heater unit separately can short the heating time and economize energy and improve product quality and reduce cost. 3). Adjustable frame: The side size clamping can be adjusted as the working required. 5. Packing & Shipping It will take within 15 days to ship out customer`s goods after get customer`s advance payment. We support ship the machine by air, sea, DHL, TNT or others 6.Our services BIY company will provide training in the place of Nanjing, and it will take a week-long technology training to the customers. BIY company also provide training in customer`s company, and it also will take 7-10 days. And during training time, customers will make prepare every tools as we info customer before.Completed technical training will include machinery principle , electronic principle ,and software method. Provides the equipment to install the debugging, 12 months (or 2000 hours) the nature guarantees the time. To be responsible to service life-long, guaranteed the spare parts long-term supply, the solution customer extra worries. Service network track telephone pays a return visit, the customer visits, by the many kinds of way prompt solution customer actual problem. To update the new product and the new technology, enjoys the especially superior price to promote. The regular hold earth water knife user roundtable and the product application technology meeting, promotes the product compatibility and the application level together enhances 7.Company Information BIY TECH professional for ABS, PVC, Arylic , PMMA, vacuum forming PC, thermoforming products, with high quality, precision, The products that we provide are custom formed parts that by nature vary from simple to complex and from a single part to a multi part assembly. The process by which your project comes to life is outlined below.With over 2000 clients worldwide, including strong technique team support, you can always depend on local training, service and support through our global network of experts. Call or go online to see why adding a BIY machinery solution to your company's arsenal will cut material waste, decrease job times and increase profits. Whether your shop is large or small we make a machine for every budget!

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