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Large ethylene oxide sterilizers Ethylene oOxide sterilizer series Large ethylene oxide sterilizers produced by the Sanqiang company has beautiful appearance, reliable quality,simple operation,safe use and reasonable price.Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a kind of advanced sterilization equipment.Under certain conditions,ethylene oxide gas is used to sterilize the articles sealed in the sterilization chamber at low temperature;Ethylene oxide can kill.Various types of microorganisms,including bacteria,Mycobacterium tuberculosis,fungi, Bacillus and viruses.Large ethylene oxide sterilizers has strong penetrating power and can penetrate microporous cotton fabrics,plastic films,carton boxes and other packaging items.Sterilization is reliable and easy for long-term storage.The sterilized items are placed in a well-ventilated room and can be safely used after volatilization. 1,Large ethylene oxide sterilizers temperature: The normal temperature limit is generally 37°C~63°C,the most commonly used temperature is generally 50±5°C.However,when the temperature is high enough to maximize the effect of the drug, the bactericidal effect is no longer improved when the temperature is raised.The determination of the sterilization temperature is related to the following conditions:1)Temperature tolerance of the extinguished product.2)The loading capacity and loading method require that the loading volume be≤ 80%,and the cabinet wall should not be touched.There should be a clearance of not less than 5cm between each cabinet.3)The thickness,size,and bulk density of packaging materials. 2,Large ethylene oxide sterilizers humidity The moisture content of the sterilized article,the degree of drying of the microorganism itself,and the relative humidity of the environment all have an effect on the sterilizing effect of EO.When the relative humidity is lower than 30% RH,the sterilization effect is significantly affected.Therefore, wet microbes are easier to extinguish than dry ones, but the extermination effect is not proportional to the relative humidity.The humidity is too high and EO is diluted and hydrolyzed.Therefore, the humidity before dosing after vacuuming should be controlled within the range of 30%RH to 80%RH. 3,Large ethylene oxide sterilizers pressure The degree of pre-vacuum determines the amount of residual air,and the amount of residual air affects the pressure after the EO is added and the ease with which the hot and humid heat enters the interior of the article. Therefore,the pressure, especially the pressure before humidification,has a great influence on the sterilization effect.The pressure should be set according to the sealing performance of the equipment itself and the positive and negative pressure resistance of the extinguished items.In the equipment operation and the objects can withstand,the vacuum sterilization generally has a better effect than the positive pressure sterilization. The product consists of an electric control box,a sterilization chamber,a system control box,a sensing system box and an exhaust gas treatment system. Electric control box:The shell is made of 304 steel plates with a motherboard inside. Sterilization room:Made of high quality 304 stainless steel plate. System control box:It is composed of vacuum pumping system,drainage system,heating system,purification system,water circulation system and air filtration system. Specifications and models: SQ-H120(1000L),SQ-H220(2000L),SQ-H360(3000L),SQ-H460(4000L),SQ-H600(6000L),SQ-H800(8000L),etc. Large ethylene oxide sterilizers advantage: 1,a key operation,microcomputer control,simple and convenient,digital display sterilization process. 2.Sterilize the information recorded in the sterilization process for easy verification and archiving. 3,the air inlet is equipped with a filter system,which can effectively filter bacteria and microorganisms and avoid secondary pollution when discharged. http://www.sterilizers-china.com

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