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Medical supplies sterilizer sales Ethylene oxide, also known as ethylene oxide,Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a colorless liquid at low temperature,has an aromatic ether taste,a boiling point of 10.8°C,an odor threshold of 760 mg/m to 1064 mg/m,a density of 1.52;ethylene oxide is flammable and easy Explosion,its minimum combustion concentration is 3%.Ethylene oxide gas penetration. Ethylene oxide sterilizer gas has strong bactericidal power and broad bactericidal spectrum,and can kill various microorganisms, including bacterial spores, and is a sterilizer. Medical supplies sterilizer scope of application Ethylene oxide does not damage the sterilized articles and has a strong penetrating power.Therefore,most articles that should not be sterilized by ordinary methods can be sterilized and sterilized with ethylene oxide.For example,electronic instruments,optical instruments,medical instruments,books,documents,fur,cotton,chemical fiber,plastic products,wood products,ceramics and metal products, endoscopes,dialyzers,and disposable medical supplies.Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low-temperature sterilization methods at present.Ethylene oxide sterilizer uses ethylene oxide gas to fumigate articles enclosed in a sterilization chamber under a certain temperature,pressure,and humidity.Sterilized special equipment.Ethylene oxide sterilization occurs through its non-specific alkylation with microorganisms,thereby subverting the normal function of the microbial reaction group,causing its metabolic metabolism to occur and die.There are many factors affecting the sterilization of ethylene oxide gas.only by strictly controlling the relevant factors can the sterilization effect be achieved. Ethylene oxide sterilizer series medical supplies sterilizer produced by the Sanqiang company has beautiful appearance,reliable quality,simple operation,safe use and reasonable price. Ethylene oxide sterilizer 3 cubic 1,the whole polyhedron heating,to ensure temperature uniformity; 2,single or double doors can be; 3,the use of independent auxiliary rack,easy to install the equipment compartment to ensure the use of safety; 4.Door sealing method: mechanical door(using the principle of lever locking),pneumatic door(transverse, using silicon like plastic bag sealing); 5,microcomputer program controls the entire sterilization process; 6,by the LED display work status; 7.Disinfection parameters can be arbitrarily set and can be set to be used repeatedly. 8,built-in micro-printer,real-time printing of the sterilization process,automatically record the entire sterilization information; 9,automatic constant temperature,automatic timing,operation process failure or technical deviation,automatic stop operation and alarm; Technical Parameters: Size SQ-H360 Sterilization chamber size(length×width×height)mm 2200×1000×1430 Mechanical door external dimensions(length×width×height)mm2450×1700×2050 Effective volume:3m3 Working temperature°C 30~70 Relative humidity %RH 30~80 Working pressure MPa-0.06 Net weight KG 1650 Power KW 15 Liner material:carbon steel baking powder http://www.sterilizers-china.com

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