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China Dressing sterilizer equipment sales with High-Quality, Leading Dressing sterilizer equipment sales Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Dressing sterilizer equipment sales Factory & Exporters.

Dressing sterilizer equipment sales Dressing sterilizer is a rapid and reliable sterilization and sterilization equipment.Steam sterilizer uses pressure saturated steam to apply to items in medical and health services,scientific research, and agriculture. Disinfection and sterilization of medical devices,dressings,glassware,and solution culture media are also applicable to plateau equipment and enterprises and institutions in highland areas to obtain high-quality drinking water.Dressing sterilizer can also be used as high-temperature steam source equipment. According to functional classification:1,automatic 2,automatic control 3,intelligent According to the door opening structure:1,portable 2,flip type 3,hand wheel type In accordance with the exhaust method:1,steam within the row 2,steam out Automatic, with drying This product is a hand wheel type quick opening safety chain device structure Material: pot shell,inner cavity made of high quality stainless steel SUS304,acid,alkali,corrosion resistance Microcomputer intelligent automatic control Pressure safety interlock device,over-temperature automatic protection device Self-expanding sealing ring automatically discharges cold air Overpressure self-discharge,low water level alarm,automatic control of water cut off Temperature range(109-135°C),sterilization time range(0-99 hours),drying time range(dry after sterilization)(30-240min) This product has 30L,50L,75L,100L four products,of which similar products have a drying function,can achieve the sterilization of the product is a dry product,to eliminate the wet bag phenomenon. The principle of autoclaving is:in a closed steamer,the steam cannot overflow,and the pressure rises continuously,so that the boiling point of water is continuously increased,so that the temperature in the pot also increases.At a pressure of 0.1 MPa,the pot temperature reached 121°C.At this steam temperature,various bacteria and their highly heat-resistant principle can be quickly killed. Note:The air in the pot is completely eliminated,so that the pot is saturated with water vapor,and sterilization is complete.There are several different approaches to autoclave deflation, but the goal is to drain the air so that the pan warms up evenly to ensure complete sterilization.Commonly used method is:close the air release valve,after the power is turned on, when the pressure rises to 0.05 MPa,open the air release valve,release the air,wait until the pressure gauge pointer returns to zero,and then close the air release valve.After closing the valve and reenergizing,when the pressure gauge rises to 0.1 MPa, the timer is started and the pressure is maintained at 0.1 to 0.15 MPa for 20 minutes.

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