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ium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 99% Min


origin: China (Mainland)
packaging: 25kg PP woven bags
MOQ: 1


China Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 99% Min with High-Quality, Leading Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 99% Min Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 99% Min Factory & Exporters.

Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda. Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3 99%) is often known as baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda and bicarbonate of soda.Students of science and chemistry have also nicknamed sodium bicarbonate as sodium bicarb, bicarb soda. Sometimes it is also simply known as bi-carb. CAS: 144-55-8 Molecular Formula: NaHCO3 M.W.: 84.01 Properties: White powder or tiny crystalls, non-odorous and salty, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, presenting slight alkalinity, decomposed when heated. Decomposes slowly when exposed to moist air. Use:Used as leavening agent for manufacture of bread and biscuits Specification: NaHCO3:99% MAX. Chloride (Cl):0.4% MAX. Arsenic (As):0.0001% MAX. Heavy metals (Pb):0.0005% MAX. Loss on drying:0.2% MAX. PH value:8.6 Packing: 25 kg PP woven bags Storage:a.Be set to cool.dry and ventilated place .away from Fire source. b.Sealed,Prevent from rain .sunlight and strong acis or alkali. c.Lightly transport and protect from package damage. Delivery Detail:15 days after ordering(ASAP) http://www.sjzchem-pharm.com

Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate 300g Package, NaHCO3 99% Good Quality,

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