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ning conversion for ring frame


origin: China
packaging: WOODEN CASE
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China compact spinning conversion for ring frame with High-Quality, Leading compact spinning conversion for ring frame Manufacturers & Suppliers, find compact spinning conversion for ring frame Factory & Exporters.

Compact spinning conversion is for ring frame.In order to meet the requirement of yarn with low hairiness and high strength, the compact spinning device with independent intellectual property rights has the following characteristics: superior maneuverability, flexibility and economy. Its unique technical strength lies in: Patent Technology: The porous endless belt is running actively from transition gear to the front roller with the characteristic of smooth running , constant and accurate speed. The transition gear is made of abrasion-resistant material to realize silent running and single-spindle porous endless belt is tensioned automatically by the spring to guarantee stable operation. The pressurized device of matched compact leather roller can control actively the fiber in free area and the special structure design can guarantee invariable pressure on both sides so that the yarn quality is free of diameter change of the leather roller. This is suitable for any draft cradle. The system of supplying pressure with optimized design: the high-pressure air blower with independent and changeable frequency conversion controls and with special design of flue and blast pipe can guarantee the negative pressure of the sucker mouth in the tailstock and locomotive of the machines within the range of best technological requirement. The negative pressure tunnel will be arranged in draft district to make the route of pipeline as short as possible and the wind will be exhausted through wind system in tailstock so that it can eliminate the interference of air flow in the workshop and the working environment also can be improved. Special safe and dustproof design reduces maintenance workload and six or four integrated modular architecture design makes accessibility very convenient and can be assembled without tools or decomposition. Meantime, it is very easy to maintain so that downtime can be reduced. Compact pressurized pipeline can be drawn into shape in one time and a special surface treatment guarantees extremely low friction coefficient and high wear resistance characteristics. Different shapes suit different suction slot fiber spinning. The porous endless belts are made of special fiber and have the characteristics after special treatment later: no joints, smooth, wear-resistant and anti-static surface, evenness and stability. Introducing advanced cutting technology to ensure stable and consistent size, smooth running and avoid deformation. Simple system structure can reduce effectively the refit difficulty and refit workload as well as the cost of operation and maintenance. Humanized design allows easy refit and is suitable for any types of ordinary ring spinning machine. Users can change it to be an ordinary ring spinning machine easily according to the needs of production in a short time without the slightest impact on the quality of yarn, which is the RFCS compact spinning system to production cost control from the user`s point of view.

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