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de 71751-41-2 Abamectin 98% TC


origin: China
packaging: 25kg/drum or bag
MOQ: 5


China Insecticide/Pesticide/Acaricide 71751-41-2 Abamectin 98% TC with High-Quality, Leading Insecticide/Pesticide/Acaricide 71751-41-2 Abamectin 98% TC Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Insecticide/Pesticide/Acaricide 71751-41-2 Abamectin 98% TC Factory & Exporters.

Abamectin pesticide is widely used for agricultural or veterinary to bactericidal, insecticidal and acaricidal. Abamectin has stomach toxicity and tag for mites and insects, can not remove eggs. Has inhibitory effect to the nerve conduction of arthropod, lethal effect slowly.Abamectin prevention and control of the rice borers have special performance. Is a new product to replace high toxic pesticides. Other name: Affirm, Agri-Mek, Avermectin, Avermectin B1, Zephyr MF.: C48H72O14;C47H70O14 MW.: B1a:873.09,B1b:859.06 Melting point: 150-155°C Solubility: Slightly Density: 1.16g/m3 Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline powder Features: 1, As for the current resistance of rice leaf curl moth longitudinal specially designed with super penetration, inside the tag, strong stomach poison, reverse fumigation, eggs and kill efficiently kill agent. 2, Longitudinal leaf rice rice moth with special effects. 3, Suitable for crops: tomato, cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, pepper, citrus, cotton, rice, pear tree, Japanese persimmon, etc. Application: 1, the antibiotic medicines. The nematodes, insects and mites are flooding effect. Used in the treatment of livestock and poultry of parasitic nematodes, mites, disease and insect disease. Improve the angular, slow growth caused by parasites. Promote the growth of pig. 2, on horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, birds in vitro parasite, such as the worm, xiao insect insect, stomach, lung silk worm, whipworm, hookworm, trichina, scabies mites, ear Huang, creep mite, cattle, sheep bots, fleas, lice, etc have very significant flooding kill effect. Chemical Analysis: Component Range Typical Appearance Slightly yellowish powder Slightly yellowish powder Purity ≥95% 95.10% Relative Density 1.0400-1.0700 1.0620 Ref.Index 1.4850-1.5100 1.5073 Water Content ≤0.2% 0.03% Acidity ≤0.15% 0.03% Storage & Handing: Abamectin is a white to yellowish crystalline powder . It poses a slight fire hazard if exposed to heat or flame, and a fire and explosion hazard in the presence of strong oxidizers. It may burn but will not readily ignite. Avoid contact with strong oxidizers, excessive heat, sparks or open flame. Packaging Details: As per customer's request For solid formulations: 25kg/drum or bag, 10kg/bag, 1kg/alu.bag, 500g/alu.bag, 250g/alu.bag, 100g/alu.bag, 50g/alu.bag Delivery Detail: in 2-4 weeks after receiving down payment

Insecticide 98% TC, Pesticide Abamectin High Quality, Agrochemical Intermediates Material,

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