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Dried Raw Herb Rhubarb Slice

origin: China
packaging: 20-30/carton, or 50kg bulk bag
MOQ: 1


China Dried Raw Herb Rhubarb Slice with High-Quality, Leading Dried Raw Herb Rhubarb Slice Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Dried Raw Herb Rhubarb Slice Factory & Exporters.

Dried Raw Herb Rhubarb Slice Rhubarb has an illustrious history of inclusion in many laxative preparations. It is generally considered a mild laxative that produces a soft stool 6-10 hours after ingest on. Rhubarb is especially well suited for children since it is very mild in action. Rhubarb Root has a purgative action for use in the treatment of constipation, but also has an astringent effect too. It, therefore, has a truly cleansing action upon the gut, removing debris and then astringing with antiseptic properties as well. The primary chemical constituents of Rhubarb include anthraquinones, that contribute to the laxative and purgative properties of Rhubarb Chinese research is investigating Rhubarb's ability to possibly inhibit cancer cells. Dried Rhubarb Slice can help : 1) Removing heat, constipation, treating abdominal distension and pain. 2) Improving blood circulation and treating amenorrhea. 3) Antibacterial and antiviral. 4) Strengthening the immune system to prevent influenza and reduce the risk of colds. How to enjoy Dried Rhubarb Slice? 1) Using for leukemia, cancer and other tumor. 2) Affecting keratinocyte proliferation. 3) Preventing restenosis after coronary interventional therapy. 4) Inhibiting human renal fibroblasts. 5) Using for health care and household chemical products (hair and skin care products. 1) Small customized package: 100g,200g,500g,or as per buyer's option. 2) Bulk packing: 10-25kg/carton(inside plastic bag,outside carton box). 3) Vacumn package. Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd (PURE Biotechnology) is located in Ningxia,China.we committed provides high quality Dried Rhubarb Slice with nice alimentation,we can also made customized packing according to clients' requirements.We devote ourself to developing a complete Chinese herb line in order to make contribution to mankind health by developing Chinese herbal industry.

Dried Rhubarb Slice, Natural Herb Dried Rhubarb, Dried Da Huang Slice,

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Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd

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