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packaging: Carton on pallet
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Gamma small flow lab use mini nitrogen generator is a mass manufactured small nitrogen generator for lab application. It use pressure swing adsorption technology, with this technology, pure nitrogen is achieved from air. This nitrogen generator has small size, it has four wheels, can be moved from one place to another easily. 1 Lab use mini nitrogen generator specification: Item Specification Data Remarks 1 Nitrogen purity ≥99.5% Oxygen content ≤0.5% 2 Nitrogen flow rate ≥25 L/min 20℃, 101.325Kpa 3 Nitrogen outlet pressure ≥450-620 kPa See note 4 Power supply 24V DC 5 Start up time ≤15 minutes Time to get 99.5% purity 6 Certificates CE, CSA customer's property, not distributable 7 Noise ≤72 Db(A) One meter from equipment 8 Weight ≤160 Kg With package 9 Dimension 850 x920 x 1100 mm With package 10 Package 1 carton on 1 plywood pallet 2 Lab Use Nitrogen Generator Technical Specification 2.1 Compressed air consumption The generator consumes a maximum of 115 slpm of compressed air to generate the required N2 flow. Air source is not included in this product. 2.2. Air supply pressure Minimum air supply pressure shall be externally regulated to 600 kPa. 2.3. Air quality This Generator is provided with one full set of FESTO filters, the air supplied to the Generator still need to be dry and oil-free. 2.4. N2 output 2.4.1. Quantity of N2 generate: the generator is capable of deliver 25 slpm nitrogen. 2.4.2. Delivery pressure: the generator delivers N2 at a pressure greater than 450 kPa. 2.4.3. O2 contamination level: O2 level in the N2 stream is not exceed 0.5%, and does not vary from peak to trough by more than 5% of the absolute concentration. 2.5 Dimensions With package, the Generator size: 850 mm (Length)x 920 mm (width)x 1100 mm(height). 2.6 Weight With package, the Generator weight is less than 160 kg. 2.7 Wheels The Generator is fitted with 2 fixed wheels at the rear and 2 swivel wheels with brakes at the front 2.8 Connection to power supply The Generator has a panel mounted connector on the rear panel • Current capacity at maximum temperature 2.5Antact resistance specification AND without mechanical failure: > 5000 • Maximum contact resistance after specified minimum insertions: 30milliohms maximum • Insulation resistance: min 100MegaOhms after environmental and durability tests • Dielectric withstand Voltage : Min 500V for 60s • Operating temperature range: -20 deg C to +70 deg C 2.9 Indicator The Generator has a pushbutton illuminated switch on the front panel • Button to be flush mounting or recessed into a bezel to avoid damage • High corrosion resistance, either plastic or stainless steel body • No symbol on button • Size of button and bezel to be ~ 22mm to 30mm • Mechanical Endurance : > 1000000 activations without mechanical failure • Electrical Endurance : > 100000 cycles at maximum current and maintaining maximum specified contact resistance• Action mechanism : push on – push off • Current handling capability : 4A DC min break, 4A DC min Make, inductive load (double the maximum expected current demand to give good lifetime) • Maximum DC Working voltage : at least 40V DC • Illumination type and color : LED, green • Illumination Operating voltage: 24VDC • Operating Temperature Range: -20deg C to +70 degC • Terminal type : either screw terminal or 6.5mm spade type terminals 2.10. Solenoids The solenoids on the gas control valves is 24 VDC. 2.11. Operation 2.11.1. Operating cycle A typical operating cycle for the Generator is 1 start per day and then run for 8 hours per day, which is equivalent to 2000 hours of operation per year. Depending upon the particular site, operating time could be anywhere between 0 and 24 hours per day. 2.11.2. Operation at shutdown When the power is turned off, the pressure vessels is maintained in the pressurized state by closing the two exhaust valves. 2.12. Start up 12.1. Start up time Start up times means the time from start up to producing qualified nitrogen. The time to complete start up is less than 15 minutes. 2.13. Gas connections The two external gas connections on the Generator, Air In and N2 Out, are constructed from brass and are to suit ¼" (6.35 mm) OD tubing. There are labeling in English next to these connections, [Air In" and [N2 Out", as part of the rating label. 2.14. Environmental requirements 2.14.1. Operating temperatures The Generator is normally operated within performance specification over the temperature range: 10ºC - 35ºC from 0 – 3000 m, and 10ºC - 25ºC from 3000 – 4500 m The Generator can operate safely over the temperature range: 5ºC - 35ºC from 0 – 3000 m, and 5ºC - 25ºC from 3000 – 4500 m 2.14.2. Noise level requirements Noise level from the Generator is less than 72dBa at 1m distance. This is achieved by fitting silencers on the exhaust vents. 2.15. Life Requirements The Generator can operate with a mean time between failure of 5 years minimum. http://www.gammagas.com

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