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di Semi-electric stacker 1 Ton


origin: China
packaging: standard package
MOQ: 1


China Akodi Semi-electric stacker 1 Ton with High-Quality, Leading Akodi Semi-electric stacker 1 Ton Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Akodi Semi-electric stacker 1 Ton Factory & Exporters.

We manufacture semi-electric stacker 1 ton for many decades. It has forklift mast wheel, sprocket, chain, and bearings to increase work efficiency and eliminate costly repair. It also comes with straddle semi electric stackers. This 1 ton and 2-meter semi-electric stacker is for sale. Please ask us how to save money on this model. Semi Electric Stacker Features and Benefits: 1. High power lift motor: smooth lifting and lowering, cost-effective 2. Forklift mast wheel, sprocket, chain, and bearings: increased work efficiency, eliminating costly repair 3. Parking brake: steady operation, ensured personnel safety 4. Removable masts and forks: lowering logistics costs, easy to repair and maintenance 5. Emergency stop: improves operator safety 6. Optional: adjustable front legs Why working with Akodi is beneficial? Our vision is to achieve Win-Win situation. We will provide solutions to meet our client`s market demands/requirements. Our priority is safety for all our cost-effective material handling equipment. In addition, we offer great promotion for our first-time clients. We have loyalty program for our long-term clients. We also provide 24/7 after-sales support to make sure your business keeps moving. Contact our friendly specialist today for our cooperation Measurement/ Model AKCDSD10 AKCDSD20 AKCDSD30 Capacity (Q) Kg 1000 2000 3000 Load center (C) mm 500 500 500 Turning radius (Wr) mm 1350 1350 1350 Max. lift height (h) mm 1600/2000/2500 1600/2000/2500 1600 Min. height (h1) mm 80 80 80 Fork size mm 1070×160 1070×160 1070×160 Fork outer width mm 680 680 680 Fork min. height mm 25 25 25 Overall width (b1) mm 780 780 780 Overall length (L) mm 1655 1655 1655 Overall height (h4) mm 2055/1575/1825 2055/1575/1825 2055 Battery capacity V/A 12 V/105 Ah 12 V/105 Ah 12 V/105 Ah Charger V/A DC 12V/15 A (Internal) DC 12V/15 A (Internal) DC 12V/ 15 A (Internal) Driving Method Walk Walk Walk weight Kg 350-420 420-500 520 FAQ 1. Can I place a mixed order? Yes, we can take a mixed order for different product lines. For example, 6 units of hand pallet jack, 2 units of electric pallet truck, and 1 unit of electric reach forklift. 2. How long is the warranty for Akodi product? Akodi provides 18 months or 1500 hours limited warranty for our essential parts of both manual and electric products from on-board time. 3. Can Akodi manufacture customized products, OEM, or ODM? Yes, we can make customized products such as low-profile hand pallet jack, long hand pallet jack, etc. OEM is acceptable. Our engineering team can also design non-standard products as per request. 4. How about the delivery time? It usually takes 15-20 working days once we receive advanced payment. We will work with our client for urgent order to meet their deadline. 5. Can we request our own color for the products? Yes, please provide us RAL code. 6. What`s MOQ? The minimum order quantity can be as low as one unit. Price will depend on quantity ordered.

Semi-electric Stacker 1 Ton, Straddle Semi Electric Stackers, Semi-electric Stacker for Sale,

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